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Jul 18, 2007 07:50 AM

Eats before attending the Hollywood Bowl????

My fiancée and are going to the Jamie Cullum concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday and we were wondering what places the fellow chow hounds could recommend before the concert. Or, does anyone know where we can pick up a good picnic basket?

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  1. You can make your own from their selection, or order basket or from Joans on Third. Killer Bento Box for around $75 from Mako on Beverly. However, bringing your own from your own home is nice too.. If you dont have a box at the bowl.. look for the picnic tables up in the wooded area just across from the main gate, I personally like that area.. and yes, arrive very early and enjoy the scene..

    1. I like the bowl boxes from Gelson's Deli.

      Also, you can get a good selections of cheeses, a baguette and some great sandwiches from the Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City. Just call the morning before and order what you want and pick it up before they close. You can even fax your order in. here's a link to the regualr sandwich menu, they also have daily sandwich specials. When you go to pick them up, you can choose some cheese!

      Also, you can get a good selection of nummies at any Trader Joe's or Whole foods.

      The Little NExt Door on third does a good picknic basked..get one pre done or design your own.

      I get enough for my husband and me, a good bottle of wine, and we take it to our seats and eat it as the show starts. And no, we never have a box.

      1. Joans on Third also does Hollywood Bowl to-go boxes.

        1. Where are you coming from?

          Julienne in San Marino does nice "pique nique" boxes to go.

          Also, depending where you're coming from, you could stop somewhere in Thai Town for a quick dinner.

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            Thanks for the adding the web addy, I will be coming form Manhattan Beach.

          2. Thanks for the great suggestions Im sure even I will be able to put something together now!