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Jul 18, 2007 07:49 AM

South Boston Recs

We just moved to South Boston (Fort Point.) I'm looking for a few recommendations dinner this weekend in our new neighborhood. Any favorites?

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  1. My favorites: Mul's Diner (a good greasy spoon), Cafe Polonia (excellent Polish and some Hungarian food), Potbellies Kitchen (newish, family-run, kind of a home-cooking place, reasonable and tasty), Lucky's (50s-style chophouse with Sinatra impersonators and bad bar bands, big drinks), Eastern Pier Seafood II (seafood-oriented Chinese-American with a nice patio on the harbor).

    You're also close to Chinatown, the South End, and Dorchester, so should look into board recs on those neighborhoods, too.

    1. Amrheins at the corner of A and West Broadway is decent and has a local flavor. Legal Test Kitchen is on Northern Ave and I think the food is good but the service has been spotty. CH's seem to like Potbellies (very small room) on A Street; I've only had lunch sandwiches from there but they have been very good. There are a few pub types on East and West Broadway, also on East Broadway is Porto Bello which has good Italian food. A little further astray is 224 Boston Street which is also the restaurant's name.. On the channel near the court house are the Barking Crab and Daily Catch. The bar at the Seaport Hotel is nice and you can order off the bar menu or the main restaurant's. Have not had positive experiences at the Westin. A new restaurant on Northern Ave. is Salvatore's; it is take out pizza on one side and a formal restaurant on the other. If you do a search on any of these I think you will find many comments.

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        Fort Point, what is the bar menu like at the Seaport Hotel? I can't seem to find it online. (The hotel only seems to have the menu for Aura.)

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          Haven't been in a few weeks so I strolled over to see what the current menu is like. A few examples: Mixed greens or caesar salad ($5), Cheeseburger with fries ($10), Turkey club with fries ($10), Philly cheesesteak pizza ($14), Lobster salad club ($18), Lobster fritters ($11), Crab and cod cakes ($12), Oysters on the 1/2 shell ($12). Of course there are more items, but basically it looks like there is something for everyone. Did not look at the current Aura menu. It can get crowded there at cocktail time with all the office buildings nearby and the events held at the hotel.

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            Thanks, Fort Point. I love going there for a drink; will definitely try the bar menu soon...

      2. I agree about Potbellies, Eastern Pier, Lucky's, and, especially, Cafe Polonia (one of my 10 favorite restaurants in the Boston area). One more to add which is just over the line in Dorchester (Savin Hill) is Shanti, which is a very good Indian restaurant with a cozy atmosphere. The prices are just a bit higher than some of the other Indian restaurants in the Boston area, but worth it, IMO.

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            I have never been to Eastern Pier but would like to check it out soon. Any highlights/recs on the menu?

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              Eastern Pier is a great spot, especially on a warm summer night. One interesting aspect of the place is that you often see boats coming over to the outdoor seating area to pick up food, and never even have to leave their boats (bucket with food drops down to boat, diners take food out and put money in bucket, bucket comes up, diners head back out to sea).

              A few items I like there include the wonton soup, hot and sour soup, kun pao chicken (a favorite of my GF's), sizzling beef in black bean sauce (tasty spices, but not overly hot), and a curry noodle with pork and shrimp (similar to Singapore noodle).

          2. renamed St. Alfonzo’s Kitchen (for legal reasons) is by far the best food in Southie! Lunch or dinner this tiny funky place always serves up delicious and well priced food. They have a beer and wine license now too so it is that much wine glasses too :) Highly recommended!!! Never had a bad meal!

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              Agreed. Keep up the good work guys!