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Jul 18, 2007 07:13 AM

Central Coast Maine Trip and Question

We are having a great trip up in Maine this week. Stopped at Street an co in portland on the way up. It was fantastic. Everything about it was great. Four had dinner with appetizers and wine for less than 200 including tip. I can't even come close to that kind of price in CT for that kind of food.

Yesterday we had a fantastic day of eating. We went to Chase's Daily in Belfast for brekfast. I had the French toast on home baked bread and she had the omlet. Both were outstanding. Lunch was at Thai Kitchen in Camden. Very friendly owner and great food. It was slow so she gave us an impromptu cooking tutorial on thai food. How great is that! I wondered why my thai curry never tasted the same as when I eat it out. Francine Bistro for dinner. WoW! Service was awesome. Had the Broccoli soup and the smoked lamb ribs. The lamb ribs were rubbed in a delicious brown sugar based barbeque rub with eastern influences. They were fatty and amazing. I had the hanger steak which had some excellently crispy fries served with herbs de provence. Wife had the pork which was a little bland. Still one of the best dinners we have had overall. This place makes me wonder how I ever got stuck in Hartford. Why can't we have a restraunt like this? I am guessing my trip to Primo will only make it worse.

We are going to Primo in Rockland tonight. Should we try for a reservation at the Edge or go to Francine again on Thursday or Friday?

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  1. Went to Primo Tonight. Wow it was very very good. Had the stuffed squash blossom salad and the NY Strip with short rib ragu and gnocchi. Wife had the goat cheese in grape leaves and the scallops with porcini papradelle and truffles. Fantastic! We also had a very nice lunch at Abbracci in Searsport. Running out of money...

    1. I was up that way recently too (we are also from CT) and was very impressed with the quality of Francine as you were. (Even the bread, made by the chef, was delicious).

      For the budget-wise... in Camden there is a casual wood-fired pizza and such place called McMahon's, located in the Knox Mill building. We tried to go there one night, but it had not yet opened due to a construction problem. We did see the space and it looked terrific, open and the wood fired oven was on and a few select people were eating... It may be worth a try. Since it is new, no one has commented on it.

      And if for some reason it isn't open yet, upstairs from it is Tavern on the Falls. That's where we ended up when we couldn't go to McMahon's. I thought the food at Tavern was quite good, very fresh and a roast chicken there was amazing. Not something one often says. Also, the chocolate-chocolate chip creme brulee was a good little chocolate fix.

      Just some food for thought...

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        We needed that recommendation earlier. :) Went to Abbracci in searsport for pizza. Very close to a fantastic experience but ended in disaster. We called at 6:40pm for a pizza. We were told it was going to take 35 minutes. We left there with our pizza at 7:40pm after waiting for 30 minutes. OKay we were a little annoyed at this point but the pizza looked delicious. We got it home and took out a couple of slices to find it almost raw in the middle. Maybe it will be good after I finish cooking it in the oven tomorrow for lunch.

        Went to Youngs lobster pound for lobster stew for lunch. Should have had the lobster. $15 for a bowl of stew with no potatoes an no flavor besides lobster and milk. Every piece of lobster was extremely chewey. Maybe I don't like lobster Stew. But this was just not good eats.

        Had an outstanding ice cream cone at Scoops in Belfast with blueberry and cocunut ice cream. Waffle cone was extaordinary.

        1. re: hokiefan

          Just a quick note, lobster stew has no potatoes, it is only lobster and milk, but should never be tough and chewy. Lobster chowder would have potatoes. Sounds like one of the not better ones I am afraid. Especially for $15, ouch!

      2. I love those lamb ribs, they are my favorite. I am a huge fan of both the Edge and Francine, with Francine winning out by a nose. But the Edge has a better view, amazing, and a more relaxed atmoshopere, very chill.... Depends on the kind of night you want, but the food is great at both, maybe a touch more creative at Francine.
        I love Primo too, you are having a great trip sounds like, enjoy!