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Jul 18, 2007 07:07 AM

Atlantic City - Need help for a birthday dinner


To celebrate a birthday, we were planning to go to an Atlantic City restaurant. However, we had seen a lot of negative reviews about Bobby Flay's steak and I was wondering if anyone could recommend something else. The preference would be a steakhouse or a really good italian restaurant with prices under $30 per entree. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. I don't know how fancy a restaurant you want, but there's Angelo's Fairmount Tavern which claims on its menu to have "simply the best food in Atlantic City." It's been operated by the same Italian family since 1935. ...Must be doing something right!

    1. I'd pass on Angelo's - no great shakes. Most of the restaurants in AC are either overpriced (especially the casino restaurants) or inferior in quality. When I'm in AC, I usually take a short drive to one of the following: Tomatoes, Cookie's By the Bay or the Nostalgia Room.

      Little Saigon has some of the best Asian food on earth and is a BYO within 5 min. walk of the strip near the Trop. Like most good Asian restaurants, though, the decor is lacking.

      If you must eat in a casino, Carmine's (Trop) is a reasonable choice. Make reservations WELL in advance.

      There's also a bunch of new restaurants at the pier in front of Caesar's. They look nice but I haven't tried any of them yet.

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        I agree with passing on Angelo's...I was totally underwhelmed. Why people wait for hours for a table is beyond me.

        I'm don't remember the prices, but the Palm at the Trop is a good place for steak. The Old Homestead in the Borgata is also good, but $$$$$$$$$$$.

      2. I hear Ombra in the Borgata is really good.

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          ate there 2 years ago and food was good, ambiance was good... walked out on the pier at caesar's and most of the restaurants looked like a glorified food court and not that appealing. Went to AC back in June and really struggled with places to eat, nothing really was a winner, but then again we just finished a long weekend of gorging ourselves in NYC

        2. Ive heard good things about Specchio in the Borgata. It is hard for me to venture away from the AC greats. A stop at the Irish Pub and leaving that city without loading up on White House Subs should be a crime.

          1. If you want steak...try The Old Homestead in the Borgata. We had a fantastic meal there. We were also sitting next to John Mayer (not that I care because I personally do not like his music) and he even took a picture with our friends (who adore him, I don't know why).

            All in all, our meal was very good!!

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              Homestead is fantastic..... Specchio also very very good

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                Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. I will be sure to report back after the weekend.