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Jul 18, 2007 06:37 AM

Places to aim my picky brother-in-law at the Century City Plaza?

I'm being taken on a shopping spree there Saturday (hooray), and we'd like to eat at the food court or "Dining terrace" as they say.

Me, I'm happy with a Gelson's salad and a roll from breadbar (or a chocolate croissant!)

My BIL is hard to please. He's a meat andf potatoes man, but his supposed favorite place is Yamashiro. he finds fault at every place I've taken him-Hugo's, Senior Fred, -even Saddle Peak Lodge, where he made a big deal after ordereing the lobster appetizer and complaining that he only got a small piece of lobster. (Dude, it's an APPETIZER, you aren't getting the tail and claws for that price!)

The only place we have agreed upon is Kyushu Ramen.

He likes simple food with MAN sized portions, and I mean HUNGRY MAN!

What would be good for him for an enjoyable lunch whilst I sup on my salad?

OF course, he might go to Pink Taco, just for the name alone. I hope he doesn't!

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  1. Calif. cheeseburger with fries and an apple cobbler for dessert at Houstons.

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      I second the Houston's rec. The food is really solid and while on the expensive side, should satisfy your BIL with its huge portion and great taste.

      1. re: donnival

        He liked the Houston's that used to be in Woodland Hills...

    2. You could take him to Ummba Grill, which is a cafeteria-style Brazillian restaurant. He can order different meats off skewers and side dishes, including potatoes, and pay by weight. The meats are decent, if not great, and some are salty. But I found the food by-and-large tasty.

      Ummba is next to the food court, on the upper level. I assume you can get food at Ummba and then go sit with people who are getting food at other locations.

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        I've been wanting to try Ummba, how does it compare to the meat from the Brazilian place at the Farmers Market?

      2. You can Never Go wrong with a Burger & Fries from Johnny Rockets.....Excellent milkshakes also

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          is there still a johnny rockets there? I haven't seen one since the new food court opened

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Second Houston's if you don't want to leave the mall. There's also Breadbar and Harper's Italian there.

            Redrock for chili.

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            1. re: Emme

              DH had lunch at Red Rock one day. His portion wasn't anything to write home about. He was totally unsatisfied with his chili over RICE!
              I agree with the Houston's suggestions, good and filling.