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Jul 18, 2007 06:21 AM


We dined at the Chef's Counter at Roy's last night and everything was delicious as usual.
It's easy to drive by Roy's on the way to somewhere else but once you finally decide on Pacific Rim cuisine it's hard to beat.
Just so happens that Roy's was hosting their Chef's from all over the World last night for their Quarterly Meeting so we got to watch several Non Menu items being prepared for them, like Rack of Lamb , etc.
We ordered our normal stuff like the Duck Roll Lumpia, Haleakala Roll, Ahi Steak, Choc Pot of Creme.
Worth a visit.

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  1. Love the miso cod there.

    1. I was there the other night for pre-theater dining and ordered the three course prix fixe. It was pretty good with the BBQ'd ribs of special note. However, after looking at the choices above, I'm going return to try the a la carte menu.

      I wasn't paying, so I tried to be gentle. :-)

      1. I really enjoy Roy's too. Normally not a chain person, but the food is just plain good! My favorite experience there is to eat at the bar. The appetizer sampler plate (I think they have a better name for it) is great!

        1. I agree...a chain worth going out of your way for...I have never had a bad meal at the local Roy's! The quality of the seafood is excellent and the preparation well executed.

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          1. re: TravelPath

            I had my birthday dinner here last fall, and took a date here for her birthday back in May, it was great and she especially loved the deserts.

            1. re: Normal Garciaparra

              never been to the roys in downtown, but a friend who used to work in the area, said that the downtown roys is terrible. he now refuses to go back there. we go to the one in newport beach instead

              1. re: AGENT FOODIE

                Been to both several times. The LA location has the highest volume of business of all the Roy's.
                We think the food in Downtown LA is more consistent and better than NB, especially the Service.

                1. re: russkar

                  I have been to Roy's in downtown LA and not impressed, especially given the prices. Portions are small and the signature "Hawaiian Style Misoyaki Butterfish" I got was tiny and overcooked. I did like the seared beef hand roll though and good service, but not in any hurry to return.

                  1. re: Ernie

                    We like the the Seared Beef Roll also.
                    The Ahi Steak is good size and reasonably priced at $28-.
                    I would have sent back the Butterfish in a heartbeat if it was overcooked.
                    Next time you go I would mention your last experience and don't be surprised if one of the half dozen Managers tries to make things right!
                    Speaking of NEXT, I still really like the NEXT DOOR PIZZA directly adjacent to Roy's.

                    1. re: russkar

                      Never been to the Roys downtown, however, I did go to one in Rancho Mirage. I was ntt impressed. Had the tasting menu for around $40 p/p.. good value but I guess I am not a fan of chain resto's..