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Jul 18, 2007 06:02 AM

Penzy's Rockville

Has anyone been lately?
Does it seem fully stocked and all that jazz?
I have to go to Montgomery Mall on Friday after work, so I figure I'd make that my day to stop at Penzys.

Anyone get anything out of the ordinary that they'd recommend?

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  1. Just take lots of money. Not that they are priced outragously, just that they have samples of everything for you to smell and you end up getting a lot more than you thought you would. They are well stocked and it smells great. I went in with my son and came out with three times what I thought we would. At least he is using the spices and we are eating a lot of things we hadn't before because of it.

    1. Yep, it's fully stocked. They've got szechwan peppercorns, smoked paprika, all kinds of good things. You might want to check them out online to see what you like, though I agree with dinwiddie. With all of the sniffin' you're encouraged to do, you'll likely walk out with more than what you thought you wanted when you were walking in.

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        I've been to a Penzy's before...just didn't know if there are new things or what not.

        I won't walk out with too much! just a few things.

      2. I am a big fan of Penzey's blends for Asian and Indian cooking. I use the Bangkok Blend, the Vindaloo blend, The Garam Masala and the Singapore Seasoning. I'm not as fond of the other blends: fajita, Cajun, Baravian, Galena Street...they're fine, but I just like my own combinations as well or better. A friend gave me a large assortment, so I've tried many and have narrowed down to my personal favorites. Oh, the "black and red pepper" is strangely fresh and fragrant and sparkling - no other pepper I've used has come close. I also guiltly admit to using the Green Goddess blend for a quick salad dressing or to sprinkle on vegetables.