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Jul 18, 2007 05:48 AM

Heard of this place?

A friuend just returned from the Peavine Bait & Snack Shop out near Middendorfs. Said the fried seafood was the best he's had. I've never been.Anyone know it?

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  1. Peavine (technically a place called Frenier, but nobody seems to call it that) is a nifty little spot, just off of US 51 north of Laplace, on the shores of Lake Ponchartrain. If you're headed west on I-10 over the spillway alongside the lake, you can look slightly to the right and just see the camps & boat launch at Peavine.

    Anyway, back to the food: there are two spots to dine at Peavine. One is a sit-down restaurant, specializing in fried seafood. It's okay, seafood is fresh, but it's no different than countless other fried seafood joints in the area. The setting is quaint; reminescent of Middendorf's, almost: you're right by the water, you can smell the lake, there are commercial fishermen, camps, boats, etc. But I don't drive the 15 miles from my house to eat there, 'cause I can get the same thing 2 miles from my house. Still, it's not bad.

    The other Peavine dining option was covered a few weeks ago by Brett Anderson in his Lagniappe column--it's a combination boiled seafood shack & snowball stand with zero creature comforts (ok, the snowball stand has air-conditioning blowing on you while you order), but very friendly proprietors. My dad says it reminds him of the old Maggie's Crabnet at West End (it ain't dere no more, but it closed decades before Katrina blew it away). The owners run a softshell crab shedding operation next door, too. You can get boiled shrimp, crabs, BBQ shrimp, and hard-shelled crabs doused in the BBQ shrimp sauce. All of this stuff is served in a screened-in area beneath the snowball stand at picnic tables adorned with rolls of paper towels. It's just like eating at the camp (a good thing, to me).

    Another place--intended to be slightly higher end--is supposed to open up out there.

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    1. Never been there but my parents love the place.


      1. It was good but not great.

        1. The Peavine Snack Shack was a great local seafood restaurant. It served very fresh and abundant seafood for a great price. They have been closed since early November, 2007 and show no signs of re-opening soon. There is a new restaurant being built very close by which is nearing completion. Also, the boiled seafood business located across the street from the Peavine appears to have expanded and open longer hours. I've only been once and was not impressed.

          1. I literally just came back from there. We went to get a snowball at Lakeview Snowballs but they were closed. There were people eating at the Crab Trap but we had just come Middendorf's so we were not hungry. I've never eaten there because of the lack of air conditioning but today would have been a perfect day. Peavine was closed. Sis and I ate there once long ago probably just a few months after they opened. It was not good. Frenier Landing seafood restaurant & oyster bar is still under construction. I'm looking forward to having a nice place on the lake close to our house.

            This is a link to a story about the hurricane of 1915 that wiped out Frenier Beach.


            Attached photo is Frenier Landing on the left.

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              Here's a pic of the Crab Trap and Lakeview Snowballs, just sent to me by my friend.