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Jul 18, 2007 05:26 AM

Organic or ethnic restaurants near Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge?


Any suggestions for ethnic (Korean?) or organic restaurants near the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge. (Address 40 Edwin Land Boulevard
Cambridge, MA, USA 02142) I won't have a car so I have to walk but I heard it's near lots of stuff...

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  1. The Helmand (afghani food) is within walking distance, past the mall a block or two off EDBlvd. It gets mixed reviews on the Boston Board, and I have not been in a year or so, but always enjoyed it when I worked in that area. Not organic, but has some good veggie options if that is important. Boca Grande near by has decent burritos if you need something like that.

    1. On Cambridge Street, about a 15 minute walk from the hotel is Spice & Rice which has Japanese, Korean, and Thai -- its actually not that bad. You would probably be better off getting the 87 or 88 buses from Lechmere to Union Square where there are two Korean restaurants (Wu Chon House and Home Town Restaurant).

      The one specific "organic" restaurant I know of is Common Ground Cafe in Dorchester, but have never been there (some folks on the board have) and it would be a hike. A vegetable tasting at a higher end restaurant would use mostly locally sourced ingredients when available (Oleana for example or Rendezvous in Central Sq). The folk club Passim in Harvard Square has Veggie Planet, which dining companions liked for the pizza, but it didn't do it for me has some organic options. There are a couple of all vegetarian restaurants, but not necessarily organic. I have been to buddah's delight, but there is also grasshopper. Buddah's in Chinatown would be a bit quicker on the train, although you could also get to grasshopper (in Allston), with a couple of bus changes. Natural Beef is pretty common, so something like Christopher's in Porter Square is a possibility for a burger.

      1. Koreana 154-158 Prospect at Broadway (Central Square) and Wu Chon House 290 Somerville Ave Somerville, MA (Union Square). I don't know of any Korean restaurants right near the hotel, but Central Square isn't a far walk. Closer to you are: Anise (Chinese/Sichuan) at One Kendall Square. Emma's pizza -healthy pizzas and salads, but probably not organic at 40 Hampshire St.

        1. The Helmand which was already mentioned is about a block or two from the hotel. We have always enjoyed our meals there although the service always tends to be lackluster. Helmand is only open for lunch.

          Right next to The Helmand is The Simalans, which is a Thai restaurant.

          The Helmand
          143 1st St, Cambridge, MA 02142

          The Similans
          145 1st St, Cambridge, MA 02142

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            Thanks, all! I didn't know that it was only open for lunch, so thanks fo rsaving me a trip.

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              Sorry. I miss typed... it is only open for dinner.. .not for lunch.