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Jul 18, 2007 04:34 AM

Last birthday dinner before baby

My birthday is next week and I'm six months pregnant. Looking for a final last blast of culinary fun with friends before life gets complicated. My best birthday dinners have been ethnic, cheap (want to be respectful of our grad student friends and family), and loud (Congee Village, unnamed Vietnamese places in Chinatown, that Italian place in West Village, ethipian, Rasputin, etc).

Any suggestions (doesn't need to be all the above, just condusive to old and new friends with good food)? Would love to stay in Manhattan, and was thinking about German Biergardens (though we have a bunch of vegetarians). About 10-12 people coming. Help!

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  1. Perhaps Cacio e Vino on 2ndAve in the East Village...Sicilian specialities plus pizzas, fun area, super nice service.

    1. Try Inoteca . The food is tapas style, so you can control the budget. There are good vegetarian options. The service and nice and friendly though it can get very loud and noisy on a Sat evening.

      1. Zum Schneider in the East Village!

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