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Jul 18, 2007 03:46 AM

Kid-friendly seafood near Inner Harbor?

We're looking for a pretty inexpensive place to take family (party of 25) for a pre-rehearsal-dinner next week. Since we have kids in the group, we'd like someplace family-friendly; since we're all pretty new to Baltimore, we'd prefer something within walking distance from the light rail. Inner Harbor is a plus, but not necessary. And since the one thing our guests know about Maryland is seafood, that would be our first choice. I've seen some kid-friendly Italian and pizza places on this board, but we're hoping for seafood if possible.

My fiance and I are flying into Baltimore from Germany just a week before the wedding, so won't have much time to scout places out. We're hoping someone could help us with a recommendation or two!

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  1. Very tough request, if you want it within walking distance of Light Rail. Weeknight/weekend? What's your price range?

    I'd stay away from Phillip's Seafood at Harborplace. You may want to try McCormick & Schmicks, Chart House, or Rusty Scupper. All chains but all on the Inner Harbor.

    1. I agree that it's a difficult request. To my knowledge, there aren't any "pretty inexpensive" seafood choices anywhere, let alone near the light rail. All of those mentioned are chains, and the entrees run in the twenty dollars and up range. I like Amicci's in Little Italy, which has small private rooms for events like rehearsal dinners. They have some good seafood dishes on their menu, and are kid-friendly. Their prices are very reasonable.

      1. Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton is the best place for relatively inexpensive seafood, but it's not only quite a hike from the harbor, I can't see how they could seat a party of 25.

        1. Nck's fish house on Insulator Dr. (off of the Hanover St. bridge) is kid friendly and relatively near the inner harbor but you will have to drive there.

          1. Well, I'm hesitant to suggest this because I've only eaten from the carryout ONCE, and that was last night (!) but you may want to try Captain James Landing I also don't know how kid-friendly they are, but it's a pretty large place. The dinner menu is expensive, but if you can order off of the lunch or carryout menu, it's reasonable, with many options. Plus, it's just so kitschy to have a restaurant shaped as a ship, and it's right across from the water.

            It's not by the light rail, but is right across from a water taxi stop.

            I've never seen this place discussed here, but I was very impressed by the crab cake and crab soup I carried home from the little carryout there last night!

            And, agree with everyone else, there are a lot of difficult parameters in this request!