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Jul 18, 2007 12:52 AM

anyone been to pinocchios yet?

just wondering, it's in my neighborhood and it looks totally beautiful. hoping someone can enlighten me to the food and service.

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  1. I was there a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. It was pretty expensive,so we decided we would return for a special ocassion. The food was good. I had the salt cod appetizer which brought back some tastes of Italy. I also had a spaghetti with chicken livers,an unusual menu item and quite good.I would have loved the Lobster Fra Diavalo, but it was an entree over$30. The service was good with a sweet and attentive wait staff. The owner and I think his daughter came by several times.
    Friends tell me they went there for lunch and enjoyed, They returned a few days later for dinner and found the food inconsistent and disappointing. They might need to work out the kinks from a new opening.

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        Since it opened fairly recently, I quickly assumed that mhhhhhhhhh (is that the right number of h's?) meant Portland.
        That is where I ate

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          Right across the street from South Park, I believe, but I haven't been there yet.

      2. Food, service, and cocktails are all fabulous. We've been four times for dinner so far and haven't repeated on any dish yet, and nothing has disappointed. The risottos are excellent. Red sauce is bright and sweet. Even though it's styled after "East Coast Italian", the execution of the dishes is more on par with places like Alba and Paley's than Mama Mia. The only thing that seems odd to me about the menu is that they have a self-serve antipasto bar, rather than plates prepared by the kitchen. For whatever reason, the other clientele in the restaurant when we've been there strikes me as being from out of town, so I do hope they develop a following with the locals.