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Jul 17, 2007 09:31 PM

Walleye or Pheasant in Sioux Falls?

Okay, so I am bringing my California born and raised bride back for a family reunion and she wants to experience true South Dakota meals........which to me means walleye, pheasant and buffalo burgers...............but am drawing a balnk on where to find any of these in the Sioux Falls area. Suggestions? I am looking more for best quality vs most food!


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    1. The Phillips Avenue Diner has a Walleye Strips Basket which includes Canadian walleye, lemon tartar, french fries and garlic Texas toast. They are located downtown. Possibly Minerva's downtown has pheasant and buffalo burgers.

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        While it is an Italian restaurant, Spezia has a few local options and the food is usually satisfying and tasty. http://www.speziarestaurant.com/sioux...
        They have an asiago crusted walleye that looks good, and if you're there when they have the seasonal heirloom tomato menu the choices on that were fantastic last year. Truly a celebation of in season ripe tomatos.

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          great thanks.....BTW I had an excellent walleye with a herb de provinces crust at the Black Ram near Chicago O'Hare on a layover, it was excellent.