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Jul 17, 2007 09:29 PM

Joe Squared

Has anyone eaten at or ordered food from Joe Squared? I'd like to venture over there with my neighbor (possibly for lunch) if it sounds worth my while. Fill me in on the details.

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  1. Went there once and had my worst food experience ever. Pizza had soot on it. I'm not saying the crust was burnt. I'm saying the crust has covered with ashes on the bottom. Fries were drenched in oil and overcooked to the extent that they were literally black. Just horrible. Others have had less than horrible experiences. Seems like they have lots of different cooks. Some make edible food and some don't. I'd steer clear and try out some better establishment in the area, like Yabba Pot for example.

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      I like Joe's a lot, although, as Warthog has pointed out, their take on pizza isn't for everyone. It's a thin, almost crackerish crust with a thin layer of toppings. It's going to be different for anyone raised on take-out pizza. Some will love it, like me, and some won't. The toppings have been very high quality.

      I will agree with cupcake that it's not the place to go for fries, although the one time i tried them they weren't as bad as described.

      You should definitely go and make up your own mind.

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          If you search through older posts, you'll find a lot of conflicting opinions on the place. Some love it, others hate it. I'm firmly in the former category. I've had pizza that I've never dreamed of, with sauerkraut, no less, and it worked. The soups I've had have all been great, as well as the salads. There's always something to amaze you there.

          But, as JonParker said, you should go and make up your own mind!

      1. I haven't eaten in, but I've tried a few of Joe's breakfast pizzas (delivery) and was very impressed! I agree w/ JonParker that it's nothing like your typical carryout pizza, but is that such a bad thing?? I'm eager to get in to the restaurant to sample some more.

        1. Mixed. It's a hipster place with a hipster staff, and because of that the food can be wonderful one night and mediocre the next night. Their pizzas are decent but the pies failed to impress me.

          Iggies in Mount Vernon has better pizzas made with better ingredients.

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            went to joes. i swear the crust was made of matza (sp?) it crackled. but then again that's all it did. flavor profile as a whole was very disappointing. not even competitive to the local hoagie/pizza shop on the corner. i agree iggies is the place to go north of 2 amys.......

          2. I am not crazy about the neighborhood Joe Squared is located. I used to live in Mount Vernon, which is a few blocks from Joe, and I wouldn't go there at night. The problem is the only time I really want pizza is late at night.

            1. I ordered out from them and really enjoyed the pizza, the Irish pizza. If you like pizza and want to try something new, I encourage you to order out from them.

              Having said that.....

              The resturant itself leaves much to be desired for.

              The only real shining moment was the Arugulla and Venison risotto. If you order out, this is a good thing to get.

              Ok, the resturant itself is located in a not-so-great area. However, there is new development and re-urbanization starting to head in that direction. Still, at night, you need to be careful after parking your car.

              Inside the resturant is a beat-down feel. It's almost as if the remodelling was cut short 75% in. It is drafty and can be loud with all the students that come in. Nothing against them, but this place is really a bar with an overstated menu. The bar food looked really good...but the place really is set up to be a bar not a resturant.

              The menu itself is impressive. It is a good read. There is plenty to choose from. But that may be part of the problem. Instead of focusing on they are good at (bar food, pizza and risotto), they try a little too hard.

              For example, my wife and I ordered soup. She got the minestrone and I got the maryland crab. When it was served, we both weren't sure whose soup was whose and had to trust the waitress. Our soups were very, very red. It seemed that the base was simply tomato paste. While both of our soups had the other elements that would technically make them what they were...what seemed to pass for paste with stock (or just water, it was hard to tell) immediately made them soemthing else. We did not have minestrone and maryland crab soup that night. We had knock-off variations. And while not horrible (I finished mine), it was not what I ordered and wasn't good enough for me to order it again.

              Instead of ordering bar food or pizza (mistake on our part), my wife got the venison risotto and enjoyed it. I got a classic which was called the Chesapeake Chicken. It was a disaster. The breast of chicken was tough and chewy. One bite into the sandwich and you almost pulled everything out of the bread it was so tough. The layer of crab covered in imperial sauce was very thin. And I have no earthly idea what kind of bread that was, but it was like hardtack along the outside and slightly softer as you went in. There was some type of chopped tomato with a weird sauce over it as a side dish. Not bad, but not really something to serve with a sandwich. The fries were good. Which tells me that the rest of their bar food is probably pretty good.

              All in all, they need to stick what they are good with. Again, get the pizza and risotto if you order out. If you go there to have fun, you will, just stick to those items and the bar food. Ignore the rest of menu, you will be much happier.