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Jul 17, 2007 09:22 PM

Restaurants serving ice water

What is it with restaurants pushing ice water lately? I was looking at a photo blog about the most famous fine dining restaurant (El Bulli in Spain) and it appeared that all I could find in the photos were glasses of ice water. I've noticed in at least 3 places I've been recently that Servers were more interested in bringing me more water then getting me soda or wine. One French Bistro I had lunch in recently didn't even ask about drinks - just brought us these nice glasses of water. Is water the latest trend in fine dining?

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  1. There are so many posts on CH complaining about lack of water refills that maybe the restaurants are being proactive to avoid the perception of poor service. I drink a lot of water and would be pretty disappointed if I didn't get any. Right now there's a glass of water right next to my wine.

    1. Perhaps it's just the fact that it's summertime? ;)

      1. That would be bliss...

        1. I'm surprised about ice water in Spain. It is unusual in Europe. In hot Italian summers, waiters would cheerfully bring us pitchers of chilled water - but nary an ice cube.

          1. One can only hope that restos are once again understanding that many of us drink water. it would be wonderful when jfood does not receive the "Look" when the server asks if he would like something to drink and the requested beverage is iced water.