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Jul 17, 2007 09:11 PM

Top Dim Sum choices for Seattle?

Coming off a recent trip up to Richmond/Vancouver, my tolerance for mediocre dim sum has reached near zero. What are my best picks for dim sum in the Seattle area? Anywhere in a 20-mile radius is fine - it doesn't have to be in the International District.


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  1. Jade Garden's my favorite in Seattle proper. Everything else I've had in town has been mediocre to terrible.

    On the East Side, I'm partial to Noble Court in Bellevue, though others may disagree. Recently, I feel like Jade Garden's been more consistent.

      1. Lobo, Imperial Garden in Kent offers the best I've found in the area.

        1. I've enjoyed the dim sum at Top Gun in Factoria.

          1. Try Tea Garden, the new place at ranier and dearborn

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              Tea Garden on sunday-
              Pros: really good dumplings with shrimp and cilantro; tasty pan-fried dumplings with shrimp and chives. Stuffed peppers and eggplant above average.
              Cons: potstickers were burnt; some other dumplings were loosely wrapped and coming apart; fried shrimp balls w/ mayo were cooked too long so as to aquire an armor.

              Overall, a step above Honey Court and Zen Garden, a step below Jade Garden and Noble Court. A good option if you can't stand an hour wait at JG.

              Is this place Viet-owned? I Noticed alot of those dishes on the take out menu. The "jellyfish with spicy sauce" came on a bed of pickled carrot and radish that are usually tucked inside a bahn mi. Nice combination.