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Jul 17, 2007 05:44 PM

Avedano's Holly Park Market, Cortland St., SF

[was Bleuss]

Avedano's Holly Park Market has just opened, and I went in today and took a look. Here's a list of what I can remember:

--3 deli salads (roasted red pepper and fennel, potato and kalamata, chicken)
--2 types sandwiches that they will make for you
--Bay shrimp by the lb (yeah, those little teeny things)
--Not much meat or fish yet (what they had wasn't labeled yet)
--Sous vide packages of curry chicken or curry veggies (each package cost about $12 and would feed one person)
--6 types of butter
--Aioli: Regular, lemon, and red pepper (I assume housemade)
--Organic ricotta
--Bellwether yogurt ($3.50 for 8 oz), maybe 4 or 5 flavors
--Coke, Bubble-Up, and Dr. Pepper made with cane sugar (hells yeah)
--Mineral waters
--Italian candies (big glass jars of 10-cent hard candies, and I noticed Torani)
--Cookbooks (Nose-to-Tail Eating by Fergus Henderson [yay!], Moro, White Trash Cooking, others)

Beta link not working and not letting me enter info. Caused me to make double post!

Avedano's Holly Park Market
235 Cortland St.
San Francisco, CA
Ph: 415-285-MEAT

Ack, that's all I can remember for now.

The place looks really nice. They even bought a new neon sign that almost exactly mimics the font and color of the old one that has been in place for decades. Signs in the window read: "Local People" "Local Food"

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  1. That sign was up there when my dad was a boy in Bernal Heights, almost 60 years ago! They did a nice job preserving it.

    I dropped by, too, although my notes weren't nearly so detailed. There was some gorgeous shellfish in the case (scallops, clams are all that I recall) and some interesting house-made salsas as well. A few people were placing special orders for shellfish and lamb -- so if they don't have it yet they seem more than willing to get what you're looking for.

    Nice addition to the area, I can't wait to see what else they add.

    1. I was in there on Saturday right after going to Alemany Market. Bought an incredible leg of lamb from Sonoma which they boned for me and didn't charge me for the bone weight. They also gave me 2lb of organically raised beef liver for free. Shelves are stacked with obscure Italian dry goods. Spanish butter, homemade veal brown sauce, truffle gnocchi and much more in the chiller. Beautiful space. They are having a lamb tasting weekend of August 25. Highly recommend a visit.