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Jul 17, 2007 05:43 PM

Birthday dinner in SEA?

It's almost that time of year again, where my family has me pick a "new" restaurant in which to celebrate my birthday. I need a place that will take a reservation for a party of 6. Last year we went to Cafe Juanita, Volterra the year before, and I believe Union the year prior. All were hits, except Union which the group didn't love due to the combination of small plates and high prices. I don't think Harvest Vine or Lark would go over well.

Price is not really an issue, so long as the food reaches the expectation level. We have a picky eater in the group, so nothing too eclectic where he can't find a steak, chicken, or fish on the menu. It also needs to be willing to accomodate a food allergy (milk/dairy). A good wine list is a plus. Open to any neighborhood, but prefer Seattle or Eastside.

Who's up to the challenge?

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  1. Lisa, I suggest your "new restaurant" be an "old restaurant": Il Terrazo Carmine. Tried and true real Italian that would pass the test in the Old Country. Experienced servers, good wine and great food.

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      Concur, Il Terrazzo's perfect for something like this.

    2. I dont know if it's too late to suggest Black Bottle in Belltown. Good wine selection, great small plates. Very well versed in serving large groups. I went with a group of 25 and the service was amazing!

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        Not too late, but I may be the only one who isn't a fan of the "small plate" trend. Just give me a decent size entree with sides included please.

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          Black Bottle's service is fine if you're a big, big group in the back room. It's positively lousy for a regular group in the front, at least in my experience. A 6-top is not going to get special treatment and the atmosphere's way, way too loud.

        2. lisaf, I agree with Leper and terrier with their suggestion for Il Terrazzo Carmine. Another great place for multi generation dining is Ponti seafood grill.

          1. Chinook's is all that, plus a huckleberry slump, if I guess my timing right. If not, then surely another summer fruit is available. Lovely setting, overlooking the boats at Fisherman's Terminal. A part of Anthony's group, they know fish. Big-house enough for the folks, well-prepared enough for the attentive, and lively enough for just about everybody. When my auntie is in town, I do look forward to letting her take me there. When the weather is right, you can sit outside, too.

            1. My favorite "safe" choice lately is Nell's at Greenlake. It has nice, classy ambience and good service. They also have a parking lot, which can be handy for older relatives. The menu is online so you can check it out. They excel at the standards (steak, fish, etc) but also pull off some eclectic dishes really well too. I am sure they can easily accomodate special requests. I took my parents there recently and they are kind of old school in their taste (Canlis) and really enjoyed Nell's.

              Do report back on what you decide!

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                I think we are going to Ponti's. The valet parking and atmosphere sold us, also I have enjoyed it before but not been in awhile. Nell's is definitely on our list. Funny, my parents are big fans of both Nell's and Canlis.

                I like Chinook's but don't think it has a special occasion atmosphere.