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Good dining at Bayview/401 area

Hi all,

We will be staying in Toronto near the Bayview/401 area. Are there any good restaurants around this area (say within 10-15 minutes drive).



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  1. depends on what you fancy but here's a start -

    just west of Bayview at Yonge/Sheppard are several Korean/BBQ/sushi places: Ichiban (on spring garden), Korean bbq on same street. go north on Yonge and you'll find Iranian restos (Zaffron, Karoon, North)

    south on Bayview, s of Eglinton are several restos: smalltalk, Amaya, duff's

    Leslie/401 - south of 401 is a Keg

    for Chinese, go north, to Leslie/Hwy 7 and take your pick (can't go wrong); can also find good Indian in this area (Jikonee Grill, Bombay Palace)

    outside of rush hour, it's only 10-15 min from bayview/401 to all of the places mentioned above

    1. on Yonge, just North of York Mills is Auberge du Pommier. Only a 5-10 minute drive from where you are.

      1. There are quite a lots of good Korean restaurant along Yonge street north of Sheppard. They are all owned by Korean and not too expensive.

        1. Quince is great and not very far at all. 5 - 10 minute drive.

          Certainly one of the best bets north of the downtown core:


          1. Thanks for all these suggestions. It is a rare dinner out away from our infant and toddler (but we can't be gone too long which is why we don't have time to travel downtown...). Is Auberge du Pommier worth the $? How does the food at Quince compare? We both really like Indian food so Amaya sounds intriguing.

            We might try the Korean on another night for something more casual. I imagine that they are pretty kid friendly if we went for an early dinner?

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              Although a few posts have mentioned that Cuisine of India has gone down hill a bit lately, back in the day they had great Indian food. They are on Yonge, N. of Sheppard, probably less than 10 minutes from where you are.

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                Yes, all the korean restaurants there are casual and kid friendly ! Good and cheap.

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                  Is Auberge du Pommier worth the big bucks?, you ask. Well, it's a very, very good spot, and just a short drive away from where you're staying. So if you think dinner is worth about $200 a couple (including a bottle of wine, tax and tip), you'll have a very good time. Quince is a cut or two below Auberge in quality and execution, but it's still quite good, and satisfying, and it's a cut or two below in price as well. It'll add another 15 minutes, though, to your drive to get there. (it's also a bit of a bother to find a decent parking spot nearby Quince.) Amaya, recently opened, has been seemingly well dissected in another thread on this site. While I don't want to swamp you with too many other choices, let me add a couple more choices just down Yonge Street from the Auberge. There's the Miller Tavern, just south of York Mills Rd., a few minutes south of the Auberge, with its very own parking lot. Nice setting on the edge of a park, pretty good food, reasonable quality for the price. Sit upstairs, ask for a table overlooking the park and/or the tennis courts. Good wine list and a number of good beers on tap. It'll cost you $100-$125 a couple (with wine). And further south on Yonge Street by about six short blocks is a gem called Sequel, with an imaginative menu, which clocks in at about $150 a couple, though you probably do it cheaper. Easy to park on one of the side streets running west from Yonge. Be aware that the Auberge, Quince and Sequel are all on the Summerlicious program till July 22, so - if you want to go to any of them during Summerlicious - you may find it tough to get a reservation time you want. Cuisine of India is, in my view, long past its prime.

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                    Thanks all! I just read on another post that Auberge du Pommier will be closed for renos for 5 weeks so that rules it out for us. I just checked the menu for Sequel and hubby and I are drooling already! I think we have a winner for our couples night out.... We will be trying some of the other suggestions with our kids too. Thanks again.

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                      Another option since it seems you are willing to go as far as Lawrence & Yonge, is Herbs restaurant. Focusing on modern, French cuisine, it tries to source organic and seasonal ingredients from small farms and fisheries in Ontario and Quebec.

                      It is open for lunch and dinner.


                2. For brunch and quickie lunch/dinner, there is an Oliver Bonancini restaurant in the Bayview Village mall which is just north of Bayview/401. It is owned by the same people who run Auberge de Pommier. And yes, if you can get into Auberge before the construction, it is worth the money. No question the best food you can get within a 20 minutes drive.

                  There are a lot of mom and pops restaurants on Yonge St. north of Sheppard Ave, most of them quite bad and should be avoided. Plus there is no free parking on Yonge St between Sheppard and Finch.

                  1. If you are willing to travel a little bit, Terra isn't TOO far away either at Yonge and 407/.


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                      We went to Terra a few months back after they changed chefs. I believe they're no longer under the same ownership as North 44 (can someone else confirm this?). Food was very lacklustre, quite unlike the meals we used to love having there for many years. Such a shame.

                    2. If you end up going to Oliver & Bonacini in the Bayview Village mall (North East corner of Bayview and Shepherd - just north of the 401, it would be worth your while to take a look at the menu at Yen Ching - the chinese restaurant across from Oliver & Bonacini.

                      The chinese food is an interesting mix of Szechuan, Mandarin, and other regions of China. If you like hot and spicy along with garlic and sometimes sweet dishes, it is a good choice.

                      There are dishes I have had there that I have not found in any chinese restaurant anywhere in north america, including Vancouver, San Francisco, NYC, and of course, Toronto. The chinese food on Hwy 7 from Bayview to Warden seems primarily for those from Hong Kong - Yen Ching is different.

                      Some of the best dishes there are: Crispy Beef, Crispy Shrimp, any of the Yu Siang dishes. They make great Moo Shi pork/chicken and Kan Shu green beans. Even the Sweet and Sour chicken balls are the best I have ever had because the batter is thin and crispy and the chicken is large, plump and juicy - all white meat.

                      It has been a favourite in my family for years.

                      If you are looking only for serious fine dining, I would suggest making your way to Yonge Street (1 exit west of Bayview on the 401) and go south to North 44... http://www.north44restaurant.com/

                      or go to Avenue Road (2nd exit west of Bayview on the 401) and go to Scaramouche... http://www.scaramoucherestaurant.com/

                      Some places come and go, but these 2 have stayed the test of time, and over the years they never disappoint - as long as you don't drive to them during rush hour they should both be within a 15 minute drive.

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                        I second Scaramouche.....definitely!!! Worth the extra few minutes drive, and $$ that you would pay. The food and service is flawless.

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                          Yen Ching has been around for a long time, I have not been there for a long while. There are some szechuan restaurants west of Warden. And if you go a little east of Warden to Kennedy, there are quite a lots of restaurants specializing in szechuan and other regions of china.

                          I like the halibut and scallop cakes at North 44 which is one of my favourite appetizer in Toronto !

                        2. Go North young man! Anybody can drive downtown.
                          1) North of steeles
                          As already mentioned, Terra is probably the best restaurant north of Steeles/Finch/Sheppard/...
                          We generally go twice a year and find it on par with the top end downtown restaurants.
                          If you want a something more rustic, then Tutto Bene Osteria (again on Yonge a few doors south of Terra) is also really great food.
                          Miss the heavily ornate, way too much oak trim decor steak house? Then hop on down to the Octagon (also on Yonge just north of Steeles).
                          2) to the west...
                          French == PourQuoi Pas on Sheppard west, Chez Laurent on Yonge (paper napkins, skimpy wine list but great food!), Le Montmarte on Sheppard west
                          Korean == park at Yonge & sheppard & walk north, looking down the side streets...
                          Indian == park at Empress & Young & walk south to Bombay Behl (a local chain?) or north to Cusine of Indian.
                          3) west south...
                          Miller Tavern & Auberge (OVER RATED!) on Yonge, maybe try a little further south and go to Trappers?