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Jul 17, 2007 05:31 PM

coming to seattle

Hello. My husband and I are planning a weekend to Seattle (first visit) the first weekend of October for our anniversary. I'm looking for lunch and dinner suggestions, as well as other things that are must see. We plan on spenging Saturday checking out the wineries. Are they worth it? Here are some of the restaurants I found. Any feedback, tips, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thanks! Crush, Brasa, Licorous, Lark, Matt's in the Market, Saitos, Le Pichet and Sitka and Spruce. What's the best Asion fusion? And must see places at Pike's? Best coffee shops? Thanks again.

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  1. Most of the restaurants you listed are good for dinner.

    I'd forget "Asian fusion" in Seattle and go to the Tamarind Tree.

    Definitely hit the Pike Place Market (not "Pike's" anything) for breakfast one day. I'm fond of piroshky and croissants.

    If you've another morning for breakfast or brunch out, try Lola.

    1. for Asian fusion, Nishino is probably your best bet (think Nobu)

      1. I second the Tamarind Tree. Also, Lola's "big breakfast" will test whether you are a real Chowhound or a poser. I've never been a fan of Brasa (mostly because of the Night of the Living Dead servers) but Matt's is not to be missed. Also recommended is the upstairs bar at Maximillien's at the Market for Mussels and a rustic view of Puget Sound.

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          i second Maximiliens for mussels (and their lunchtime hanger steak frites is not bad, either). Matt's cornmeal catfish sandwich and gumbo are lunchtime classics too. another good lunch spot a block north of there is Steelhead Diner.

        2. if it's your anniversary, and you're going to check out wineries, you might as well check out Chateau St Michelle and some of the other wineries in Woodinville and then go next door to Herbfarm for their blowout 4 hr tasting menu dinner (Th Fr Sa Su only, one seating each night). Chef Jerry Traunfeld may be gone by then to his new digs, but it might still be good, who knows. you can always stay the night next door at the Willows Inn (or at some place nearby like Marriott Residence inn in Bothel.)

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            For fusion try Marazul above whole foods on Westlake, it is very inrteresting.

            1. re: marie laure

              And awful. Please don't go to Marazul. Our meal there was seriously, seriously bad.

          2. I'd go on Argosy dinner cruise,it's just plain fun.They got brunch,lunch and dinner.