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Myth, anyone been?

My husband and I are about to visit San Fran and we have reservations for Myth, after hearing the rave reviews of the chef. However, now that I've done more research, I've heard a lot of unhappy diners. Has anyone been and what's the real news?

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  1. There are lots of reports in the archive:


    Note that Myth Cafe is a lunch spot, same owners.

    1. I am huge Myth proponent, at one point eating there three times in one week (in April or May), just before the chef was named one of the Top 10 by Food & Wine.

      My personal favorites are the gnocchi and the foie gras-sauced penne. The oysters as a starter are a must and the rabbit was stupendous.

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        I second the gnocchi. I used the bread to get every bit of sauce off of the dish. I didn't really care for the pizza though.

      2. This just proves that any place has unhappy customers and the Internet gives anyone a place to vent. Myth is one of most widely praised places on the San Francisco Chowhound boards, It is owned by folks that have been in the business for a very long time and is staffed with talented professionals. The odds are very high that you will have a wonderful time.

        1. Myth is a good value all the way around. Great food, good wines, excellent service and nice decor.

          1. I've had a number of excellent meals at Myth. However, my last visit a couple weeks ago was far from perfect: we had ordered a large foie gras pasta to share, but were served the smaller size (I've had it plenty of times to recognize that they skimped - and were charged for the large); our waiter skipped a course; my pork chop was overcooked. Mind you, they also rushed us - we were out of the restaurant in roughly an hour.

            Will it stop me from going back? Of course not. But it certainly attests to the fact that even quality restaurants have seriously "off" nights.

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              Some restaurants have off nights, and some are inconsistent on a regular basis.

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                Jrhsfcm, here's a question -- did you tell them you were going to share? I ask because the first time I ordered the dish I did exactly the same thing and the portions were split amongst those of us sharing; separate plates that would ultimately look as though it we were being served less however when I went back and ordered the smaller size alone, realized that because they split the plates up there was actually more food being served.

                Just a thought.

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                  Sorry for the delay in responding. We did tell them that we planned on sharing - actually, that we planned on sharing all dishes other than the mains. I had 5 small pieces of rigatoni in the bowl. Like I said, I've had the dish before - the large has more than 10 pieces total. We're not talking a heaping pile of pasta... but they short changed us a bit. Frankly, if everything else hadn't been so off that night, I probably wouldn't have noticed.

                  And, yes, Robert: I concur. However, the places that are regularly inconsistent normally don't last THAT long in this city - particularly at that price point.

              2. I'm one of the few Myth detractors. I ate there only once, many months ago, and I thought it was competent but uninteresting. To me, it fell into the category of restaurant that adds more butter and other rich ingredients until the food is overwhelming. Decadent, yes, but not so fun to make a meal of. The service was among the snottiest I've experienced in San Francisco. I'm not saying it was an outright bad meal, and it was only one data point, but nonetheless it was a disappointment relative to the price and to my high expectations.

                On the other hand, I do like Myth Cafe, especially their enriched versions of standards like mac'n'cheese, BLT's, and grilled cheese.

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                  must say that I had one of the greatest sweetbread dishes I've ever had there...and the French waiter Jonathon is charming and super efficient

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                    I went two weeks ago, and had the sweetbreads served by the French waiter. Agree on both.

                    (I had the duck breast for my main, which was also very good)

                    1. re: Debbie M

                      Ohmygod, how could I forget the amazing sweetbreads???

                2. I went to Myth once with a group of restaurant industry people. We arrived late, and with a group of roughly eight people. We had a fantastic time.

                  But I am not a professional in this industry I just like food and found Myth to be very good. The sweetbreads are outstanding, the duck perfect and the fungi pizza a favorite now.

                  I can't comment on service since people in our party knew some of the staff.

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                    If you're with friends of the staff, you don't know for sure about the food, either.

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                      well, fwiw I know absolutely no staff there, and the service and food have both been great when I've gone....indeed, the service was so good on my last visit that I actually wondered for a minute if for some reason they had me confused with a regular...