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Jul 17, 2007 05:12 PM

Great Bay

I will be going to Great Bay on Sunday with my Dad aftetr the Red Sox game for dinner.

I've never heard of the place (is it new?) but that doesn't mean much since I haven't been in Boston for over 5 years now. It looks nice though. Any recommendations on particularly delicious menu items?

Btw, online they have a lobster dish for $53!!!! Holy cow!!!!!!

Also going to Rocca on Saturday for my Mom's birthday. Pretty excited about that one!

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  1. It's delicious and you will enjoy it. Yes it is pricy but really great seafood. The clam chowder is made to order. The cocktails are interesting and very well flavored. The entrees are incredible. Enjoy.

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      I ate there a couple of weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised. Initially I was put off by the atmosphere, but after one cocktail and a tuna roll appetizer, I was thankful for the tranquil, calm ambiance and the soothing food.

    2. It's gotten mixed reviews here, I liked the bar for wine and food (this would be good for a RedSox related visit) but then the manager stressed me out for some reason and so I haven't been back recently.

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        It is funny that you say that about the manager because lately every time I have been to Great Bay, the food and drinks are good, but the staff seems really stressed out. It is definitely a good choice post Red Sox.

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          Any menu items you like in particular?

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            I like pretty much everything on the "island" menu. Fish tacos, ceviche, etc. I

      2. I have not had a full dinner there yet, but I have had some cocktails and appetizers at the bar and I also went there for brunch once.

        At the Island Bar, we had some oysters and the spicy fish tacos. Both were quite good.

        At brunch they gave us a great bread basket with 4 different kinds of breads/muffins/pastries and all of them were quite tasty. I had the house-smoked salmon benedict and my husband had the chili and shrimp hash which he raved about for months. They do change their brunch menu seasonally, so his beloved hash is most likely long gone.

        On a side note, their flash-heavy website drives me insane.

        Great Bay
        500 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

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          by the way you can use their valet parking during the Sox game. If you eat dinner at the restaurant after the game, they still only charge you the $17 for parking! This is a great deal if you are going for both game and dinner. We did this a couple of weeks ago.

          we had a really nice meal. you should enjoy it. I had particularly yummy crab cakes. And the homemade butterscotch pudding is wonderful.

        2. I figured out the perfect combination Monday night -- have cocktails at the bar at Eastern Standard, eat at much lower cost than Great Bay in a booth there (I really love the mussels, the burger, and the seared tuna nicoise-style salad), and then walk next door to Great Bay for dessert/cordials --

          In spite of the dessert chef phenom having left recently (to open an artisanal ice cream shop in the South End per our server), her butterscotch pudding remains the best dessert I've had ANYWHERE in the past 3 years or more (and I don't love butterscotch or pudding, by the way!). The cookies and iced milk are surprisingly amazing as well (not sure they are worth $10, however -- the pudding definitely IS).

          The atmosphere and service at Great Bay are pretentious and overwrought to me and the place frequently feels kind of empty/souless --which may explain the stressed-out vibe noted above -- there's an awful lot of overhead to cover there.

          Once you get beyond the sticker shock, the food has always been fresh and delicious -- especially the "island" menu -- but I pretty much stick to only the butterscotch pudding from now on.

          PS -- I just realized that you most probably can't just saunter from ES to GB after a Red Sox game -- reservations are a must for either and it will be a mob scene at the ES bar.

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            My wife and I have eaten at Great Bay numerous times and have always found the food and the service to be very good. We usually sit at what they call "the island" which is a sort of sushi bar that also serves a wide variety Latin American type ceviche's too. As someone else mentioned, you should try the Halibut Ceviche tacos as an appetizer. They come four to an order and if you are great to share although we usually order two because we like them so much. You can also order from the full dinner menu at the island bar too. We also like the fried clams and the chowder but usually stick with a variety of the offerings from the island bar. They have an excellent bar and wine list. We have also found the service to be very accommodating and friendly.