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Jul 17, 2007 05:08 PM

Baguettes in Dallas?

Just moved here and looking for a good French bakery with real baguettes. Have tried several local stores with disappointing results...namely: Albertson's, Whole Foods, Eatzi's, and La Madeleine. Eatzi's came closest at least getting the crust right, but it was flavorless.


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  1. The best baguette is from Empire Bakery - they have a store in Inwood Village (Lover's @Inwood) in Dallas. They mostly supply restaurants.

    2nd best from Main St Bakery. They have a few stores (restaurants) - one on Main St in Grapevine, another in the complex (what's it's name) at Legacy and Tollroad in Plano and another location....they have site.

    1. 2nd the Empire. We get bags from them several times a week.

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        Thanks! I will check out Empire...not too far away either!

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          I used to buy bread sticks from Baglestiens. There out of business now. Are there other Kosher bakers that make them? They were great.

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        1. I've heard very good things about La Spiga Bakery in Addison. There're supposed to do a very authentic, crusty French baguette.

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            In the late 19th century until the Japanese tossed them out during WWII, Vietnam was occupied by the French. The only good that came of this is the Vietnamese ability to make wonderful bread, specifically the baguette. And with the addition of the delectable Vietnamese ham or pork and pate... the Bánh mì .

            Anyway, round about way of saying that a lot of the Asian markets, such as H Mart, have wonderfully fresh renditions of your allusive baguette.

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              I second DallasDude's tip: great crust and flavors, if you do not mind the fact they are only 10"-12" long. If you are ever in Arlington, lots of great Vietnamese bakeries around 303 and New York.

          2. Voila Bakery in Allen has fantastic croissants. I bet the baguettes are great.