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Jul 17, 2007 04:48 PM

Restaurants in Fairfield County

Looking to try some new restaurants in the Fairfield county area. Looking at anything from pizza, Mexican, steak, seafood, etc. I would like to try something new and good. Getting tied of the same old places.

Thanks in advance for your input


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  1. I don't know what your same old, same old is....

    Pizza: Letizia's in Norwalk. (666 Main Avenue, near Town Line Shopping Center on Route 7)

    Soup: Across from the town hall in Wilton is Soup Alley. (239 Danbury Road, Wilton)

    Mexican: How about a hand rolled burrito? A few miles north on Route 7 from Soup Alley is T's Place, near Town and Country Gardens in Wilton. Only open for breakfast and lunch. This teeny tiny lunch spot is pretty darn good. Look for their daily specials!
    (673 Danbury Road - Route 7, Wilton)

    1. pizza - letizia in wilton or colony in stamford (can't rule out Pepes in fairfield either).
      used to be veggie - Lime resto on route 123 in norwalk across from brandman. possible the best sandwiches in the area, hands down. cajun chicken with avocado, et. al. is to die for
      steak - there really is no good steak in FFD county. jfood will get criticized for this
      seafood - rowayton seafood, Ocean 211 in stm, ocean drive in sono
      novelle - Napa in stm (seems to be getting some hit/miss reviews lately); also hear tha schoolhouse (or a similar name) off route 7 in wilton getting good press
      tapas - barcelona in SONO or Greenwich
      Fun asian fusion - Baang in stamford
      veal bolognese - Aloi in New Canaan
      Asian - Chings Table in NC
      Burger (until cherry street reopens) - Elms in Ridgefield
      Hot Dogs - Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield

      hope that's a start

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        Oops, JFood...Ocean 211 and Ocean Drive are closed.

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          Double oops, sorry I didn't read the date on this old post :(

      2. Beach Cafe in Fairfield is a fairly new seafood place. It's on the Post Road, just up the road from Dairy Queen. It's good and not too pricey.

        A good pan-Asian option is Little Kitchen in Westport, across from Trader Joe's. Lots of good duck dishes, but if you're going out for sushi, pick Matsu, Tengda, or Sakura instead of LK.

        Sad to say, I have to agree with jfood: in my experience, not a good steak to be had in FF county. Prove me wrong, someone -- please!

        1. Check out this thread for info on authentic Mexican in Bridgeport:

          My fav is still Taqueria La Michoacana

          1. A true hidden gem is Nicholas Roberts in Norwalk, 75 Main St. You'd never know that behind the plain exterior in a strip mall is some of the best food around with very reasonable prices. The chef is inventive and creative with the freshest high quality, organic ingredients, and he knows how to layer flavors and use spices. I've loved everything I've had there, from the well-spiced lamb kebabs with an herbed yogurt dip, incredibly fresh salads, a beautiful bun-less salmon burger with delicious sides, roasted organic chicken, and an outrageous coffee-cardamon pot-de-creme. All dished come with inventive sides. Breakfast and lunch every day, dinners on some days. Really excellent food.

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              Glad this thread was revived. My husband and I had dinner recently at Nicholas Roberts and it was excellent! Delectable, sumptuous short ribs. And it's BYOB to boot so you can save some $$ bringing your own wine.

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                I had a nice brunch at Nicholas Roberts this past weekend. Fresh juice, delicious French Toast, good coffee. The eggs were cooked perfectly too, something I've not experienced since moving to this area. Look forward to returning.

                1. re: tonylazzeri

                  Major good find. the site below did a nice piece on the brunch there a few weeks ago.


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                    We made it to Nicholas Roberts a few weeks ago for breakfast on a Saturday based solely on the pecan butternut pancakes described in the ctbites article above.
                    Sadly... this was not on the menu when I visited, so I'm not sure if it was a special when the review was written.
                    We did end up having a good breakfast - - I ended up getting the Fried Egg Corn Tortilla over Short Ribs and my wife got a chorizo egg wrap. The kids had french toast.
                    My dish came with so much meat that it probably could have been classified as a dinner dish that was topped with eggs (rather than a breakfast dish with meat).
                    We'll definitely go back.
                    I'm also very interested in trying dinner - - - especially since it is BYOB.

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                Yes it is hidden. It is a gem. And the braised rib is incredible. There is a culture there.... local, healthy, sustainable, and wait staff without makeup or airs. Paper napkins and plastic glasses. Something out of the 80's. But definitely a signature vibe. What restaurant offers waiting diners a taste of the nights special (catfish Sat. night)?

                My only quibble: acoustics. On a busy Saturday night, couldn't hear across the table. Baang loud. Hopefully a couple of well placed baffles would help. Tarry Lodge did a nice job with theirs.

                Baang Cafe & Bar
                1191 E Putnam Ave, Riverside, CT 06878

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                  Thanks for bringing Nicholas Roberts to my attention - I went twice last week for lunch and it was great both times - The duck club sandwich was really good, and i enjoyed the couscous with apricots and almonds.

                  Best of all the portions were perfect for lunch - didnt leave there ready for nap.

                  1. re: Alex318

                    Yep, Nicholas Roberts definitely does good food. And I agree that the service is unpretentious and quite genial.

                  2. re: clyde10

                    Thanks to this thread I had the pleasure of dining at Nicholas Roberts Saturday. I only had 90 minutes before a show date and they got me out in an hour despite the place being 3/4 full. Though tempted by some nice salad choices I opted for the lobster bisque and was delighted I did. I must say it was the best I had ever tasted, a hearty corn chowder like concoction with as many large chunks of lobster as I have seen on lobster rolls elsewhere! The roasted chicken entree with roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes was also pretty good, and although tempted by a carrot/ginger cake, by coincidence my wife had made a carrot/ginger soup that noon, so I settled for a delicious double chocolate torte.

                    The waitstaff was pleasant and helpful, and the proprietor and one of his sons stopped by to chat and ask how things were going. I also made sure to drop a compliment to another son behind the counter who was responsible for the bisque recipe. I had a good view of their breakfast and lunch menu slate and it looks like those two meals would also be an excellent choice as well. I forgot to ask one burning question: what is a Voodoo Jambalaya?! Two things to keep in mind: they are BYO alcohol and cash only. There is parking in the lot next door or on the street. If you are in Fairfield county, be sure and visit. It is a gem, as clyde says.

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                      we went this satutrday and it was excellent

                      started with the tuna tartare and the crawfish bengiets (sp?)

                      tuna was extremely fresh and chopped fine, with little additions to it ( and did not need anything- the tuna was as fresh as can be).. and served with a layer of avocado in the middle and corn chips on the side also garnished with spicy drizzle of sriracha

                      bengiets were made of a dough with crawdads chopped very fine, along with jalapeno and red-pepper and possibly corn...deep fried to golden crust perfection with a remoulade sauce on the side. they gave us 9 of them ...we barely finished ...

                      entrees i ordered the pork loin seasoned with what tasted like a cumin and brown sugar rub topped with flash fried - what looked like- very thin pieces of zuchinni skin. Side order was collard greens sauteed with garlic and to-die-for burbon elbow mac and cheese.

                      Husband had the veal steak with hand cut french fries. His steak was a tad rare for him (was a cold red center- which i actually prefer) however he ordered med rare...nonetheless, he ate the entire thing, plus my leftovers.

                      we did not stay for dessert but they looked delicious.

                      Robert, one of the chefs, was not only cooking but helping to bus tables and also greet the guests (i guess to save on costs). He is very nice and personable.

                      Slight snafu- when the check arrived, the bill seemed high- that was because they accidentally charged us $22 for the tuna appetizer when it should have been $12.

                      All in all- we will be back! Excellent meal!! Can't wait to try their brunch!