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Jul 17, 2007 04:45 PM

Where's your favorite cheesecake bakery? [moved from Manhattan board]

When a slice is just not enough, where do you go? I know everyone raves about Junior's, but I'm not crazy about the layer of spongecake -- it's too soggy for me. I prefer a graham cracker crust.

I can tell you where I've had the worst cheesecake -- the otherwise wonderful Stand on 12th. Are you sitting came in a glass. Now I am craving the real thing.

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  1. Artisanal--they sell them whole, or you can order them for dessert.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Murray's has a lemon ricotta cheesecake that is mind blowing.

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            By Murray's, do you mean the cheese shop or some other Murray's?

          2. My fave isn't in Manhattan. It's S&S in the Bronx. We used to have to go up to Bway and 240th (or 238th?) to get them. But some amazing person at Zabar's also discovered them and they carry them now (at least they carry the small ones; we still have to take that long #1 ride for the large ones).

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                never heard of S&S but i did try one of lloyd's carrot cakes last year in riverdale. i hate carrot cake but this one was out of this world. gotta try S&S.

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                  LNG212, what size are the small ones? A 6" would be perfect for me - I always carry down some Junior's original when I make trips to friends in the south, but if S&S is really that good...

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                    It is, you can ship them too. I send them as gifts to people throughout the country.


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                      The small ones weigh 2 lbs. They are probably 8 inches across. I think. Like the size of a lunch plate, maybe. They are so very rich that one can only eat a small piece. The large one is 5 or 6 lbs I think. Zabar's charges about 15 for the small (but we have never seen the large ones in there).

                      (edit) I had a link showing the store in the Bronx and the cheesecake but now I can't get it to work (sorry 'bout that).

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                        In case you want to contact them directly:
                        S&S Cheesecake
                        222 W. 238th St.
                        Bronx, NY 10463
                        (oh, and in case it matters, they are kosher too)

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                          thanks very much for all of this. learned something new. great!

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                            Ditto, very helpful. Thanks MV and LNG!