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Jul 17, 2007 04:40 PM

IHOP in Ontario?

I heard that IHOP is bringing their franchise to Ontario Canada. Is this true?? I would kill for an IHOP in Toronto or Markham Ontario!!

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  1. It's true that they're coming to Ontario, but apparently in Niagara and Barry!
    I've never been to an IHOP, so it's appeal escapes me, I was wondering if they just make really good pancakes? It always seemed like a Golden Griddle.

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      Folks, our regional boards are focused on where to find deliciousness locally. If you're got specific information on where and when IHOP might be coming to Ontario, please go ahead and post it.

      If you want to comment on IHOP's food, please start a new thread on the Chains board.

      If you want to discuss whether it's possible to be a hound and still go to franchised restaurants, you can try starting a thread on Not About Food. However, that discussion is notoriously unpleasant, and if it gets ugly and personal, we will have to remove it.

      1. re: sevenblades

        I was in Niagara Falls this past week-end and there's an IHOP there now. I remember thinking that I wasn't aware we had them in Canada.

        1. re: FrenchSoda

          Pretty sure that location has been there for awhile. It was definitely there last year when I was there in early summer. I am still dying for one in the GTA, I miss my artery clogging country fried steak and eggs mmmmm :D

          1. re: Wil

            There's a newish one across the street from the Fallsview Casino in the Fallsview Hotel next to the Hilton. There's one that's been there for a couple of years on Lundy's Lane down near the outlet mall. There was one that was on Clfifton Hill that's already come and gone.

            Friends went and said it was OK but prices were on par with Denny's and most other US chain restos in the area so have been avoiding it. I enjoy IHOP but have issues paying $30 for a greasy spoon breakfast that would cost about $8 for the exact same thing on the other side of the bridge.

            1. re: abigllama

              While I haven't eaten at either Dennys or IHOP in a while, I don't remember them being outrageous price-wise.

              1. re: GoodGravy

                It's just the Niagara Falls, Ontario locations. Here's some interesting reviews that all seem to focus on price outrage with a side of bad food.

                IHOP-Niagara Falls

                Denny's Niagara Falls

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          1. In terms of chain competition, I prefer Chez Cora's to IHOP, I simply found their food not good.

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