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Jul 17, 2007 04:37 PM

Italy Trip

Hello everyone:

We will be landing in Paris, France in August and going to Lyon, Venice, Padova, Trieste, Naples, and Puglia region.
Can you list the must not miss meals? Ex. best seafood, pizza et al....
Thank you,

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  1. "AL FARO" Scala Sforzi, 2 Trieste Tel. 040 410092 nice terrace under the lighthouse (also to visit); fish, grill, wine *
    "AL NUOVO ANTICO PAVONE" Riva Grumula, 2 Trieste Tel. 040 303899 correct food, nice wines, downtown *
    "ALL'ANTICA GHIACCERETTA" Via Fornelli, 2 Trieste Tel 040 3220307 small, nice hip ambiente, give regards to Bruno Vesnaver (from Ingrid/Paris), downtown, pricy *
    "LA CASABLANCA" Riva Gulli 4, Trieste Tel. Trieste Tel. 040 301065 small, hip, best decor, downtown, best pizza, chicken, pricy (wines!) *
    "Da Pepi Sciavo Buffet" Via Cassa di Risparmio, 3 - 34100 - Trieste
    tel 040 366858, Old Austria food, downtown, pig ears, beer, pricy, take just a panino con porchetta! *
    "Ittiturismo La Terrazza" Calle Tiepolo, 4 - 34100 - Muggia (near Trieste) Tel. 040275331, out of town, relaxed fish grill, simple *
    For a drink:
    "Tor Cucherna", Piazzetta Tor Cucherna, Trieste music/nice outdoor*
    "Circus" Via San Lazzaro, 9, Trieste music/nice free buffet *
    "nanut Enoteca", Via Genova, 10/E, Trieste nice wine selection *
    "Pirona Pasticceria Caffè" Largo Barriera Vecchia, 12 Trieste, go for a coffe, it's worth it!!! *
    "Tommaseo Caffè" Piazza Tommaseo, 4/c Trieste old Austrian caffè *
    "Viaromaquattro Bar", Via Roma, 4 - Trieste, hip for aperitif *
    "La Voce della Luna", Viale Miramare 72, Trieste, seaside, bad service, beautiful location, go there towards 18h - take a seat near water *
    "Terrazza Ausonia" c/o Bagno Ausonia, Riva Traiana, 1, Trieste - nice location,
    "Tiki" Loungebar, Grignano mare - Trieste, beautiful location for sunset, arrrive early for place near sea, simple drinks, relax!

    Will be in Trieste from 28 July to 5 August. Have fun!

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      Thank you so very much Ingrid; you have fun as well and perhaps you can e-mail me your most memorable meals since I'm leaving after you return.

    2. Best fish in Venice was at Alle Testiere. Best fish in Trieste was at Al Bragozzo--a small restaurant along the waterfront Riva Nazario Sauro 22. If you want the best best 2 places in Friuli drive to Agli Amici in Godia near Udine and La Subida in Cormons.

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        FYI -- I called trying to make reservations -- Alle Testiere is closed in August.

      2. Here's a link to a good report on driving through Puglia. Our favorite place was Lido Bianco in Monopoli.

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          Small world. I thought I was the only poster to have visited Lido Bianco. Had a fun filled Sunday pranzo with half of the population of Monopoli. Great time.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I'm always a bit surprised when someone mentions Pirona as a good place for coffee. I mentioned this to my uncle (who lives up the street) so we went there and he didn't like it much and the pastries were poor. Perhaps some like it because they serve Illy Caffe. There are a lot better places in Trieste that serve Illy, IMHO, including their own bar behind Chiesa Sant'Antonio. I go to Trieste every year and my two favorite places are CremCaffe on Piazza Goldoni (say "si!" to the panna) and Goppion Caffeteria on Via San Lazzaro (facing CremCaffe, go left and then down via Mazzini. Goppion is a coffee from Udine. Via San Lazzaro is a pedestrian street on the right and Goppion is across from Ricordi record store.) What might also surprise you is that one of the best cups of coffee can be found at Bar Massimilliano at Miramare Castle. It's a special blend from Caffe del Doge in Venice. (The Caffe del Doge coffee shop in Venice is also worth the trip.) At Bar Massimilliano they sell their coffee at a pricey 5,00Euros per 125g package but the label on the front is worth it. (They also have their own Merlot and Tocai bottles.) If you can't get out to the castle (now THAT would be a shame!) the coffee can also be found at the their new shop also called Bar Massimilliano (it may be called ...II) somewhere downtown near Piazza Oberdan. Parovel is the local olive oil. Exquisite! Now that I know of chowhound and what great advice it gives, I'll report back about my trip to Trieste in December. This site will make me try new places so I can share!

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              Pirona is an off-road (less turistic) historical (original outfit) place - definitifely not for the coffee (only). Since you cannot sit there I go there on my way to Lipica before my golf lessons.I enjoy my 10minutes @ Pirona... Concerning poor pastry... I don't know your taste, yet their punschkrapfen is hot! And Illy is actually the best @ Illy caffè.... not any more under their property, as far as I know...