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Jul 17, 2007 04:24 PM

Good BBQ in T.O.?

I'm also staying at the Sheraton Centre. Any tips on good bbq places? What are your favorite Canadian/BBQ/Steakhouse type restaurants in Toronto general?

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  1. Forget it. There are none!
    See multiple threads on this topic.

    I deliberately except Portuguese Churrasqueria (predominanly chicken) from this discussion.

    1. estufarian is correct if you are looking for authentic BBQ ribs/beef/pork. But we have a few amazing steak houses. Harbour Sixty is an excellent steak house with a pricey menu. There are also many threads on this topic.

      Portuguese style BBQ is wonderful in this city as is Greek BBQ - especially fish and seafoods at Pantheon.

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        1. So far the reviews of Cluck Grunt & Low have been pretty so-so. One of the threads magically disappeared, but there are still a couple that remain which include some very dismal experiences.

          Phil's BBQ at College and Ossington would be a better pick, and it would be only another couple of bucks in cab fare. They definitely don't come anywhere close to a real southern BBQ joint, but their pulled pork sandwich is the best in town IMO.

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            Haven't been there in awhile but how about The Purple Pig (1 Richmond)?

            1. re: OnDaGo

              I'm on a BBQ message board, that includes professional BBQers on the circuit, and when someone asked about good steaks in TO, one was kind enough to point out that "Grilling ain't BBQ." LOL

              There doesn't seem to be any true, traditional Southern style BBQ in Toronto, (although I think Phil's is one that has an actual smoker in the back).

              So, for ribs and such, you can try:

              Baton Rouge (Eaton Centre)
              Purple Pig (Richmond)
              Black Camel (Yonge at Rosedale subway, take out only, pulled pork and brisket sandwiches)
              Phils BBQ (College)
              Red Violin (Danforth & Broadview - all you can eat Brazilian rodizio steakhouse)

              1. re: czthemmnt

                While I can't claim to be a BBQ expert, I think the pulled pork at beerbistro is pretty damn good. And they do their smoking & curing in-house.

                1. re: gregclow

                  I second this. Plus, beerbistro is currently doing "AMERICAN BEER AND BARBEQUE FEST" (July 4th-29th). I haven't been in for dinner lately, except their American Beer & BBQ dinner with Lucy Saunders, but they probably have ribs and other treats from the smoker on the menu for the month.

                2. re: czthemmnt

                  Don't bother with Baton Rouge. Very standard back ribs. You can get them just about anywhere you can get ribs in a chain.
                  They aren't smoked either.


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              1. You guys are awesome, thanks so much! :)

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                  One more option... If you've got access to a car, you could head out to Mississauga for the Rotary ribfest this weekend. A bunch of ribbers will be there so you can try a few.

                  1. re: idnas

                    Ha! If I can get my friends to drive, we'll definitely hit that up! I'll have to post how it is. :) Thanks for the tip!