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Jul 17, 2007 04:14 PM

anyone tried tipico (new paraguayan) in williamsburg?

Tipico is located on a somewhat quiet, mostly residential block (south 1st between roebling and havemeyer). I've stopped in for mate cocido (the real thing, which is not so easy to find around here), and the owner is incredibly friendly and enthusiastic, but I haven't had a real meal there yet -- though i keep meaning to. Has anyone tried it out yet? There's a garden out back, and they have free wifi, so I might go sometime this week for a working lunch. Any recommendations?

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  1. I tried it the other night. The owner and his girlfriend have put alot of work into the place and the food is inexpensive and good, The freshly squeezed lime juice with just enough sugar to cut the sweetness was a real treat, as was the yerba mate which I had never had before, Here they serve it iced as well as hot. A fun place in a nieghborhood that is in transition. 221 S. 1st St. I think.

    1. I went the other day as well for the second time. it's such a nice neighborhood place; pretty simple food, but obviously done with care. as i mentioned before, they have real mate service -- with the gourd, bombilla, thermos -- which will be nice to share in the little garden they have out back, if it ever gets less muggy. They also have free wi-fi, i believe.

      I don't want to seem like I'm plugging this place excessively, but it's just so pleasant. A good alternative to supercore and definitely to atlas (i think the coffee at atlas is totally insipid) for working afternoons, in any case.