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Jul 17, 2007 03:58 PM

Thick Malted Milkshakes

Is there such a thing anymore?

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  1. Indeed there is -- the Lexington Candy Store. It's on the corner of 77th and Lex. You can't miss it; it looks like a place that has malteds.

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      I don't think Lexington Candy is particularly thick although I do think it may be the best malted in Manhattan. Island Burger mentioned below is closer to the concrete, cf. also Shake Shack. I prefer mine aerated. Best malted in the 5 boros may be Eddies Sweet Shop in Queens, a contemporary of Lex Candy Shop. For thicker also try Stand or BLT Burger or BRGR.

      1. re: DJS

        I think it's on the southwest corner of 83rd and Lex.

      2. I actually just created an account for this. I had a great chocolate malted--very thick--at Island Burger and Shakes on 9th ave.

        I wish I had asked for either more malt, or a vanilla one in order to taste the malt better, but the thickness and sweetness were perfect.

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          Thanks guys.
          My scale awaits me!
          But what a way to go!

        2. I had one at Chinatown Ice Cream a few years ago. Very malt-y. Yum.

          1. You can get really delicious malted's at that hole in the wall on Ave A by Thompkin's Square Park: Ray's Candy Store-aka "Belgian Frites".
            They're made with soft serve and are so so good.