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Jul 17, 2007 02:48 PM

$40 a day in NYC - the Un-Rachel W(r)ay

If you had 40 bucks in your pocket, and 1 day to spend it in NYC on food only before you leave the city for good.

What would you EAT???

7 bucks for Big Wong's Thousand Year Old Egg and Pork Congee with a fried Chinese crueller.

Shake Shack - double shack burger - 7 bucks

Halal at 53rd and 6th for - 6 bucks.

'inoteca - Truffle Egg Toast for 7 bucks

Pommes Frites - get some belgian fries - 5 bucks

Mamoouns Cafe - I'd get some fallafal and sharwma with whats left.

Binge Eating in NYC - Pricless.

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  1. Salt bagel (not toasted) with olive cream cheese: Ess-a-Bagel or Murray's...under $5
    Potato pide: Ali Baba...$10
    Vanilla cupcake with pastel frosting: Magnolia Bakery...$2
    ...those are just a few!!!

    1. This is so interesting...

      Caprice de Lamazou - smoked salmon sandwich at Lamazou's (27th & 3rd) for around $6.

      Hakata Ramen - Menchanko Tei (45th & 3rd) around $8.

      Rib Sampler - Blue Smoke (27th btw Lex & Park) - $23.95

      Eclair with cafe au lait - Veniero (11th & 1st) around $10

      Ok...I definitely went over my 40 bucks...

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        1. Leave the city for good! That really ups the ante.

          Got to begin with a bagel from Murray's with cream cheese of your choice $3.00

          Italian Hero Sandwich from Faicco's Pork Store $10.00

          Burger at the Spotted Pig $15.00

          Got to finish with Gelato at Grom $5.00

          With the $7.00 left over might have to sneak in a slice from Bleecker Street Pizza and an Italian Ice from Rocco's

          Then I would most certainly need a long walk.

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          1. re: Bottom Feeding Foodie

            breakfast is coffee and a banana muffin from Veselka in the park on 1st &1st $2.50

            late afternoon lunch at Jean Georges $28 2 course lunch

            sample grilled corn at cafe habana's bar $4 and stop by otafuku takoyaki $5 in lieu of dinner