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Jul 17, 2007 02:37 PM

3 nights in Portland: Simpatica a good choice?

As I'll only be there for 3 evenings, I'm trying my darnest to eek out the best out of the Northwest. Thus far, we'll doing a happy hour (i.e. budget) dinner at my old boss' restaurant, Hoyt 23 for one night, are thinking about pok pok or for another, and are debating making reservations at simpatica, higgins, or wildwood. Truth be told, simpatica is probably more in line with our budget, but I'm curious to see what you all think of it...we're not brunchies so we wouldn't be going there for weekend brunch, but more for dinner. Worth it?

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  1. I've never had a bad dinner at Simpatica, and I have been there several times. Now that they have soundproofed the walls, it is a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience - but the food is always really good. But, honestly, it depends if you like what they are serving as there is no choice of menu. I'd say go for it, it's a very good value for very good food.

    1. Go to Simpatica ;-) It's fantastic!

      1. Thanks...i appreciate your opinions

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          Note you need a reservation far in advance usually -- before they'll even have the menu posted.


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            I made them for a friday night...glad I made them in advance, as they're closed for the rest of the weekend.....
            one other question: is it communal dining (i.e. sit with other) or solo tables..?.i'm hoping for the communal, but will happy with either.

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              Yes, the seating is communal. I hope that you like the menu they're serving--it seems like a much more interesting choice than your other options.

        2. I've had good luck at Simpatica myself (one of the few places I've been to twice in my short time here in Portland). The food is good,(of course it depends on your taste and their menu), and the enthusiasm for the food by both the chefs and servers was even better! I especially enjoyed getting to know the others at the table and getting their recs for my new hometown!