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Jul 17, 2007 02:26 PM

Has anyone tried new Mitchel London Pizza?

Noticed it's opening on 9th ave right next to Burgers and Cupcakes. Definitely will try it out in the next week or so. Saw Mitchel outside and he said it's been open a week, and that they will be doing single slices soon.

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  1. Just had a small (toscana: prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato sauce, arugula) pizza there today for lunch. I work around the corner, so was excited to give it a try once it opened. Here's my take:

    The place is open, industrial, clean - possibly a bit too spare - but nice for lunch time. You certainly feel that they're working in a sanitary way.
    The crust was chewy, salty (in a good way) and well done. Could've been a bit crisper, but the dough work was obviously very good - and quite neapolitan.
    The toppings were fresh, though the prosciutto was not properly cut through on a per-slice basis which is a common complaint about prosciutto on pizza. It makes the pizza a bit hard to eat.
    Otherwise, the ingredients were fresh and tasty.

    The small pizza (plenty for lunch) was $11. Expensive by NYC slice standards, but reasonable considering the quality of the work.

    If you want traditional pizza, Lazzara's is still the best coal fired spot in midtown, IMHO. But, for a "shna" pizza, this is pretty good stuff!


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      Love Lazzara's but don't believe they're coal-fired.

    2. I really liked it. I went there for lunch yesterday, and was very pleased. I had the small Prove├žal pizza, and was impressed with the fresh and high quality ingredients and the outstanding crust. I like my pizza thin and flavorful, and this was both. Very impressive for a new restaurant! Everyone was very friendly, too, and it's a crisp and functional space with comfortable tables--great for lunch!