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Jul 17, 2007 02:22 PM

Where to get a good "make your own salad" in the West Village?

Looking for a place where I can choose the ingredients in a salad for take-out. I have not foudn a place I love yet. I have tried Due Amici at 14th and 8th, as well as Lenny's over at 6th Ave and 8th Street - I am underwhelmed, and Lenny's is not very generous with their offerings for their prices.
I am looking for somewhere to stop at on way home from work... Chelsea could work too - thanks!!

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  1. There is a place on Hudson between Charleton + Houston called "Lunch." It's a really great salad bar with yummy things like avocado, roasted red peppers, etc. Everything seems nice and fresh, and when you are done you will have a big delicious salad!

    1. You also might want to try Westside Market at 15th St and 7th Ave.

      1. I really like the salads at a little place on Hudson St (just south of Christopher) called CC's Cafe. You choose the ingredients and they have a really good house creamy balsamic dressing. Good quality ingredients and reasonably priced. Much better than Lenny's.

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          Thanks so much! I am going to check out all of these options, I never even heard of Lunch or CC's !!

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            have you tried the grocery/delis?

            across the street from DUE AMICI is balduccis and they have a nice salad bar. the associated across the street has one too, but its pretty sparse.

            of course on the other corner of 14th/8th is the corner deli with its big salad bar too and yet another scrubby little one nearby in the deli next to VILLAGE PIZZA. beware tho -- the homeless guys of jackson square like to wander in and stick their hands in those!!!

            you might try those -- i live here and have no particular fav of the bunch, i get my salads from all of them, even the dubious deli salad bars (never got sick, but i have an iron constitution - lol!).