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Jul 17, 2007 02:16 PM

New to Town...Thai abounds, but anything amazing?

I am moving to Chicago next weekend, and have a friend visiting a few days after that who asked me if there were really good Thai restaurants. I have read that Thai food in Chicago is like Chinese in NY: ubiquitous, but is there anything that's can't-miss?

I went to TAC Quick last time I was in town and found it so-so. I'm not trying to hold myself as a Thai expert, but I do enjoy it and eat it alot. I want to show off my new digs and represent Chi town well so I'm curious as to what people's favorites are. My searches on the site were limited mainly to TAC and Spoon, so others would be appreciated. I've read about Arun's but I can't stomach spending $85 on Thai food. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've been to Spoon and thought it the best Thai I have had in Chicago, but I've never been to TAC, so I can't compare, but generally those two along with Sticky Rice get kudos as the best places in town.

    1. Our favorite, which we hit at least once or twice a month is Yum Thai on Madison in Forest Park. However, since we were headed to Kingston Mines one winter night, we decided to go to Spoon Thai for a change of pace and was thoroughly impressed. Many of thai places we've tried aren't even worth mentioning compared to these two options.

      1. this is a duplicate (triplicate actually) thread

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          Yeah I don't know how that happened..internet connection probably. I wasn't thinking, "If I post the thread three times, I'll get three times the Thai recommendations."

        2. I hear that Thai Avenue at Broadway and Argyle is quite good. The trick with many of the best Thai restaurants is to find the Thai Menu translated to English rather than ordering from the Americanized English menu. You can find them on this site with a quick search. Good luck! A few of our Chow members posted them here.

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            "You can find them on this site with a quick search"

            As the translator of these menus, I will tell you that you are misinformed; none of the current menus are available here. [Nor are they available at my site which is presently out of commission.] The only place where the current menus can be found online, unfortunately, is at

            Thai Avenue








            Dharma Garden


            Siam's House [Not presently available online
            ]Yum Thai [Not presently available online]
            Aroy Thai [Not presently available online]
            Sticky Rice [Not presently available online]

            [NB the cook responsible for all of the exceptional Isaan-style foodstuffs which were the hallmark of Thai Avenue's special menu left the restaurant some time ago, and, as a result, my own experiences at Thai Avenue over the course of the past year have been entirely scattershot.]


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              Thanks everyone for the recs. I'm not sure which one I'll go to, but I'll report back.