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Jul 17, 2007 02:05 PM

Restaurants in Rome -- Dress Code for Antico Arco or Quinzi e Gabrieli or other similar restaurants?

We are considering dining at Antico Arco in Trastevere and Quinzi e Gabrielli near the Pantheon. Is there a specific dress code for these restaurants, or other fine restaurants like them? We will be sightseeing all day, and we also want to walk before or after dinner to see the sights. Can we dress casually at these restaurants (i.e., nice jeans with a nice shirt), or casual chic (i.e., slacks or capris with a nice shirt), or are they dressy (i.e., coat for men/dress for women?) We are really looking for a restaurant in Trastevere and a restaurant near Piazza Navonna or the Pantheon -- with excellent food, service and nice ambiance -- where we can dress casually for walking in the evening -- and where we will not spend all night dining. We are also not looking for a quick pizza. Price is not as important as quality and comfort. Please help if you can! Thanks!

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  1. Your description of casual chic clothes for restaurants in Rome will be just fine except for the top, top hotel-based restaurants (e.g. La Pergola). You didn't mention shoes, but I'd recommend something a bit dressier than athletic shoes. My husband and I love to take a passeggiata after dinner, so I'd be the first one to recommend something besides high heels for ladies. I've found that dressy slides, especially those with a bit of a rubber sole are great for evening strolls before or after dinner.

    I'm a great fan of L'Angoletto somewhat north of the Pantheon. Moderately priced. Great outdoor dining space. Excellent seafood including the most tender grilled octopus imaginable. Warm and friendly but polished service. The restaurant Armando al Pantheon comes up regularly on this board, but I have no personal experience with that recommendation.

    I must admit I'm somewhat baffled by your desire to wear jeans while traveling. I find jeans problematic for trips: they're heavy, take up a lot of space in a suitcase, and take forever to dry.

    1. It is much too hot to wear jeans in Rome in the summer. Unfortunately, the only thing many nice restaurants require is long pants, so shorts are out. I bought a really light pair of khakis that solved my problem nicely.

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        Jeans are fine in those restaurants. We just got back last night and its warm at night, but my jeans looked great. Enjoy Rome and don't worry about what your wearing. we were at Quincy and Gabrieli and no one was dressy...jeans or capri pants are fine.