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Jul 17, 2007 02:04 PM

Any cheap but good take-out near Bellevue Square Mall?

Yep... looking for cheap but good take-out in short driving distance from the Bellevue Square Mall. Any ideas?

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  1. La Cocina del Puerco, Mexican on Main St due south of Bel Square (by the 7-11-it's walking distance). It's great stuff, and it's order at the counter style.

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    1. re: christy319

      Really? We've been there and HATED the food. The buckets of beer are fine, but they can't oversalt those.

      Casa D's on Bellevue Way has enormous (and delicious) burritos for take out.

      Porcella's is across the street from La Cocina, and their deli has many high-end take out options. I won't call it inexpensive, but the quality is high.

      1. re: ethereal

        You like Casa D's better than Puerco?!!?


        1. re: GreenYoshi

          mediteranean kitchen does to-go i believe.

          1. re: GreenYoshi

            I've never heard of anyone not liking El Puerco. Just about everyone I know agrees it's the best Mexican on the eastside! Never had oversalted food there, either.

            1. re: christy319

              I'm not a fan of Casa D's (I'm more partial to tacos than burritos), but I've found the food at Cocina to be oversalted, too. After all the talking up I've heard about the place, I was pretty disappointed. (And what's with the Parmesan cheese on all of the plates?) I am impatiently waiting for Rancho Bravo to open their tacqueria in Bellevue.

              If I was looking for cheap takeout near Bellevue Square, I'd go to Byblos Deli, next door to Casa D's. The soujouk (Turkish sausage) sandwich and the garlic chicken sandwich are pretty good and cheap, and you can get hummus, tabbouli, and grape leaves at the deli.


              1. re: creepygirl

                I tried Byblos' soujok today. It was satisfying, in the way a late night kitchen sandwich is, forged of discordant remnants of the fridge. The sausage was sliced very thin, chewy like pepperoni, and wrapped inside griddled flat bread with pickles, tomatoes and mayo. Sort of a strange combo, but not bad. I noticed frequent, shameless use of the microwave in the preperation of other sandwiches which is somewhat discouraging.

      2. Bellevues notorious for really expensive,mediocre food.

        1. I like Teriyaki Bowl. It's in a strip mall on Bellevue Way just past NE 2nd. Not super authentic, but they give you alot of tasty food for not much money at all.

          I'll second Casa D's for big tasty burritos.

          1. Mediterranean kitchen is great, much better than Seattle one.
            Also Moghul Palace for Indian...better than the others..less soupy.
            and weve always had good take out from Toys Cafe on Main...the sauteed eggplant dish is fantastic!!
            My Caveat being that it has been a few years...


            1. I like getting take-out from Facing East Taiwanese Restaurant... cheap, fast, and tasty.