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Jul 17, 2007 02:02 PM

Lark Creek Inn in Larkspur - Been there recently?

I ate at the Lark Creek Inn twice last July and loved it. LOVED it.

The chef moved on and was replaced by a new chef in August of 2006.

I went back to the Lark Creek in May of 2007 and had what may have been my most expensive worst meal ever. Man, was it ever a disappointment! The chef even came out and apologized (we hadn't complained yet) saying that part of our order had gotten misplaced. So, half of our food had been held while the other half was rushed. So, some of us had food that was overdone and cold. Others of us had raw food that was sloppy. (I had the latter). The flavors were all off (under/over seasoned) the meat tasted warmed-over. It was just an overall bummer.

What amazes me still is that he served it. He went ahead and served it anyway. They weren't even busy.

So, my husband (who was not there at that disaster dinner with my Uncle) wants to go back because of their July wine special. I really don't want to return until that chef is replaced. Am I being a bitch? Is the new chef really not so bad? Was this a one-off thing? Is this new chef really fantastic and I just got to see the worst of him?

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  1. Searching the archives is probably your best bet.

    Here is something I found from January 2007

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      Jonathan Wright - the chef whom you probably met has left to be chef at a hotel in Miami. The July wine deal is the best thing out there. I've had only good experiences recently - since May, and while Jonathan's food was somtimes very good, it never seemed to fit the restuarant. It is my neighborhood spot, so I'm a bit bias, but you'll have a good meal and drink some great wine without breaking the bank.

      1. re: datv

        THANK YOU!!!!
        Just a few days left. I'd said that the second that guy was gone, I'd be back.
        It's my neighborhood joint too. I've always loved that place, so this is great news.

      2. re: Scott M

        WOAH! Nice to know I'm not insane. Thank you.