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Jul 17, 2007 01:58 PM

Fried Clams in Fairfield County

Interesting report on fried clam options in fairfield county. comments?

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  1. thanks Jim, just changed lunch plans for tomorrow from Lime in Norwalk to BROB in fairfield.

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    1. Fairfield Weekly's site seems to be down (maybe inundated by clam lovers?). Anyone care to offer a summary and reveal the mysterious "BROB"?...Never mind, clams are great motivators and I checked out Fairfield restos in the yellow pages--it's the Black Rock Oyster Bar & Grill. Is this place new?

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      1. re: MommaJ

        Black Rock Oyster Bar-- never had the clams though.

        1. re: MommaJ

          site's back up...try again. But FYI they recco:

          Captain's Cove
          1 Bostwick Ave., Bridgeport, (203) 335-7104

          Black Rock Oyster Bar
          1399 Black Rock Tpk., Fairfield, (203) 576-6657

          Westfair Fish & Chips
          1781 Post Rd. E., Westport, (203) 255-3184

          Foot of Broad St., Stratford, (203) 377-8815

          The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood
          89 Rowayton Ave., Rowayton, (203) 866-4488

          1. re: Jim Leff

            i'll second the fried clams at rowayton seafood.

        2. I Love Love Love the Fried Claims at Black Rock Oyster Bar. My favorite local place to get them! So glad they made the list. I had them recently at SONO Seafood, but they were nowhere near as good, although you cannot beat that harbor location.