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Jul 17, 2007 01:56 PM

Dinner near the Ritz?

We're a party of four whose flight lands in Montreal (or is supposed to land) at around seven in the evening on a Thursday. We're staying at the Ritz. We'd like to check in, drop our bags, and head off for dinner. Any recommendations for someplace relatively close to the hotel? I should add that half of our party of four are quite pregnant and there's a vegetarian (but I assume most places will have a fish or vegetable option). We're not looking for anything too snazzy - just a solid, nearby place to get into the Montreal swing of things.

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  1. 2 suggestions - Bice for excellent Italian @ 1504 Sherbrooke a few blocks west of Ritz with really nice terrace for outside dining, Ferreira @ 1446 Peel (less than 10 minute walk from Ritz) for outstanding Portuguese (awesome fresh fish)

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      Thanks - Ferreira looks incredible but a touch on the pricey side. Should we expect most restaurants in the neighborhood to be in that price range?

      1. re: psegall

        Downtown and Old Montreal rents are high, a fact usually reflected in restaurant pricing. That said, there are some relatively affordably good-dining options in the centre city. One is Brasserie Brunoise, near the Bell Centre. Another is the prix fixe at Decca 77. Le Paris (1812 Ste-Catherine West, 514 937 4898) serves affordable *cuisine bourgeoise*. Others have spoken well of Le Grand Comptoir (1225 Phillips Square, 514 393-3295), though I've not been for ages. Note that few of these places are what you'd call vegetarian friendly; you non-meat-eating friends should probably expect to order seafood.

        1. re: carswell

          Is there nothing good on the old drags along Crescent, de la Montagne etc? I know there are a lot of dreadful restaurants and bars, but has a recent review of an Indian restaurant that looks excellent, and would definitely be vegetarian-friendly. Devi on Crescent St.

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            Second the Decca77 recommendation. Would also suggest the prix fixe at the Renoir inside the Sofitel, pretty much across the street from the Ritz.