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Jul 17, 2007 01:41 PM

Cantina Laredo in Dallas

i will be in the Dallas area the next couple of days and wanted some decent mexican near my hotel and found this place. Is it pretty good or is there another place that you guys would recommend. i have also heard mi cocina is good.

My hotel is near where LBJ meets the Dallas North Tollway

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  1. I like Mi Cocina, but there will be some that do not. Immediately in that area for tex mex are in order:

    MiCocina on Preston/Forrest or in the Galleria Mall
    Tupinamba on Inwood between 635 and Forrest
    Cantina Laredo at Royal and Preston
    Mario and Alberto on Preston and 635

    There are other options, but those are your 3 closest.

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    1. I would highly recommend Cantina Laredo, especially the Preston/Royal location. The tableside guacamole is especially tasty!! I have never had a bad entree at Cantina Laredo.

      1. The best non chain "real Mexican" is Nuevo Leon
        It's not far away west to Josey, north to valley view, on the SW corner facing valley view.

        Another great regional Monterrey style restaurant is Cuquita's on Spring Valley & Coit SE corner is quite good.

        If you are looking for "gourmet" Mexican go to Nuevo Leon, none better in Dallas. If you are looking for something a bit more middle of the road try Cuquita's. If you are looking for to see beautiful people and okay Mexican go to Mi Cocina.

        1. so i wanted to thank everyone for their imput. i ended up trying two restaurants that were recommended: Cantina Laredo and Nuevo Leon.
          Cantina Laredo- first of all the two different salsas they give you initially were very good and better than the norm. also i was there before seven when they had $5 house margaritas which were better than the usual sweet and sour mix and tequila. i ordered the mole chicken enchilades and thought they were very good. i would say above average. i would definitley recommend this place.

          Nuevo Leon- now this is a true Hound spot. if you are looking for upscale or fancy this isn't your place, but if you are looking for real authentic mexican this place is great. it was a little hard to find tucked into a strip mall but was worth the trip. because i was in a hurry i just ordered the mole chicken enchilades since the server recommended them. in contrast to Cantina Laredo their sauce was a lot richer and more flavorful. they also sprinked queso fresco on top which i liked. furthermore the little salad on the side was very good. overall a great meal with great attentice service.