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Jul 17, 2007 01:21 PM


I love BYO places, and recently made a short list of the ones I have learned about during my time in the MSP area. Note that some of the places allowed BYO a few months or even a year or so ago - they may have had an unfortunate change of heart since my experience. Here goes:

Krua Thai
Cheng Heng
Margaux ($15 corkage)
A Rebours (no corkage but it may have been because it was my birthday)

Unfortunately this is a short list. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I think Shish is BYO. Saw a couple folks drinking beers outside with their food but the place doesn't offer alcohol.

    1. I guess I didn't know some restaurants don't let you bring your own - not that I've ever tried.

      When we were at Fugaise the table next to us brought their own wine. The waiter said that was pretty common since their wine list is fairly short.

      1. We've found just about all bistro to fine dining places in the Twin Cities allow BYO. We've found corkage is usually between $20 - $30:

        Lurcat (actually all D'Amico spots)
        jP Bistro
        Chai's (no corkage)
        Town Talk
        All the steak houses

        You get the picture. I'd just like to know more places that don't charge a corkage.

        1. On a less high-toned note, I think Michelangelo's pizza on 50th and Washburn (?) lets you BYO. I've seen people drinking wine with their pizza, and there is no wine/beer on the menu. Don't know about a corkage fee, but I really doubt it.

          Good pizza there, by the way, and way kid-friendly.