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MSP New Japanese Restaurant on Hennepin & 6th

Know anything about the new Japanese restaurant slated to open on the ground floor of the Plymouth Building @ Hennepin Ave & 6th Street? They've changed the marquee above what most recently housed an ill-fated Olive Garden, whose demise in under 12 months restored my faith in the independent mindedness of downtown Minneapolitans.

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  1. Reviving this thread...I believe it's called Musashi...is it open?

    This is all I found on google...

    Sidewalk seating...check

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      Sounds intriguing--I think you're going to have to take one for the team and check it out for us! And report back, of course!


      1. re: g rote

        We were in the area on August 30th, and it wasn't open yet. Peering in the window, it seemed like they still have quite a bit of work to do still.

        There were no signs indicating when it might open.

        1. re: Danny

          its supposed to open on september 16th, a sushi chef that was offered a job informed me.

          1. re: Danny

            I saw a sign as I was driving by next week that says "Opening in November."

            1. re: bob s

              Did it open yet? Very curious about this.

              1. re: debbie421

                Nope. I just drove by this morning. Still signs on the door.

              2. re: bob s

                The Rake's food blog has a little information about Murasaki and its plans.



              3. re: Danny

                Sign over the door this morning says "Grand Opening December 27."

                We'll have to see....

                1. re: bob s

                  Waiting with anticipation for a report...

                    1. re: David_Minh

                      hmm. *one* person on staff at a "japanese" restaurant knows the meaning of "omakase". not a good sign imo. . .

            2. I went there with my boyfriend on the 4th, the official grand opening weekend; all the food was 25% off, which would be a great deal if the food bad been better....

              I've eaten at many, many sushi places in the world, and this is the first place that only gives you ONE piece of sushi, not two, so when you factor that in, it's quite expensive.

              We tried the dish that is shown in the Rake review, the tuna with mango and sweet sauce, and it was atrocious...the mango was hard, had no flavor, and the sauce was the sickenly-sweet kind you find with bad eggrolls; I also take umbrage with their use of "crab" in/on some of the rolls that is actually fake crab, actually surimi.

              I must admit that the sushi was very fresh and good, especially the white tuna, but in view of the price, lousy special dishes, terrible service, I don't think I would go back.

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              1. re: SmartCookie

                Hmm, well that's not a great start. Will be interested to hear if they improve their act.

              2. I noticed one thing about Musashi in the recent Strib write-up that I hadn't heard before: they have teppanyaki.

                Has anyone sampled it? Or know what they charge?


                533 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55402

                1. Our Musashi experience was absolutely awful. Our party of 6 arrived at 7:20 pm for a 7:30 reservation at one of their Hibachi tables. After being seated, were not even greeted to ask us for our drink order until 7:44... understandable if the place was even remotely busy, however, on a beautiful Saturday night when every other restaurant in the city was overbooked until 10 pm, we could have walked in and sat at any table in the restaurant with a group of literally any size.

                  Once the waitress finally came to our table, she asked us for our drink order without even presenting us with their wine/beer list, and instead offered us her abbreviated and very incomplete rendition of what was on the list.

                  After she came back a second time to ask us to repeat our drink order, someone in our party asked when our Hibachi chef would be joining us to make our dinner "in about 20-25 minutes." she responded -- we declined.

                  On our way out the door, the restaurant host offered to seat us at any other "regular" table because he suggested that the service "might be better." We decided to pass.

                  This restaurant has been open for some time now, and is in a prime location on 5th and Hennepin in DT Mpls. Once we walked in at 7:30 pm on a Saturday evening and saw how absolutely dead the restaurant was, we should have known what was coming. You would expect much more from a restaurant that charges 25-35 per entree.

                  STAY AWAY... though I doubt they'll be open long enough for most people to get burned the way we did.

                  1. UPDATE:

                    well that didn't take long. awnings are up with the name of the new establishment: zake. with an accent over the e in zake, so like zach-ey. or sake? trepidation fills me-- what if it's a japanese fusion place taking over the huge failure that was musashi?

                    does anybody know anything about the new establishment? allay my fears, please!

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                    1. re: soupkitten

                      Here's their website 4 U, strange online menu reader that lets you 'turn the page'..


                      1. re: faith

                        oh i am so *not* comforted after seeing the menu. i fear the $4 late night martini happy hour, plus proximity to "lite (sic) rail" will turn that train into the vomit comet after 1 am. . . and it seems clear they're playing to the tourists (seriously, do we have any?) and/or the suburbanite population, rather than the locals.

                        anybody want to be the first to have a taste and post about it?

                        1. re: soupkitten

                          While you might be scared by the martinis, I have a mobid curiousity about their "Miso Hungry" deal. For 25 bucks, its all you can eat Steak and Sushi.

                          1. re: Danny

                            Nope. Sorry. I will never, ever, under any circumstances go to this place.

                            I've done Enjoy! and Yum! and Yummy! and Pop!. Right away, I hate the name of the place. Zake'? Stupid. I'm shocked it isn't Zake!.

                            And "Miso Hungry"? Stupid the first time, stupid the 1,356,212th time. Do they serve it with a Me Love You Mai Tai?

                            No. No. No!

                            I've had it with stupid restaurant names with stupid catchy little menu items. I'm through giving every restaurant a fair shake. Chowhound ethos be damned.

                            Line drawn.


                            1. re: MSPD

                              On which side of the line that you've drawn does The Strip Club stand?


                              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                Exception made for incredible food, drink and service. Grandfathered in I say!

                                (Stop ruining my codger-like rants with your consistency nonsense!)

                      2. re: soupkitten

                        It's my understanding that it's the same place with a slightly different theme. Had lunch there a few weeks back and it was exactly what you might expect it to be - middle of the road Asian.

                        1. re: bob s

                          How is the sushi itself? If it is decent, the lunch and happy hour specials are excellent.

                          Moto-i has the page turning thing too. Um, we turn pages in real life because we have too, not because we delight in the practice.

                          1. re: kevin47

                            Either I did not order the sushi (which was possible) or it was so unexceptional that I can't remember ordering it. YMMV.

                            Good luck!

                            1. re: kevin47

                              Went for the all you can eat a few weeks ago and it was just ok. Not terrible by the AYCE criteria but my wife agreed that there are much better options and we won't be going back. I would stick to Fuji-ya, Origami.... We recently tried the new Mt. Fuji on Hennipen and the fish was really nice. Didn't get any of the rolls. A little too busy for our tastes.

                          2. re: soupkitten

                            Had to laugh when I arrived in MSP for the first time ever and (thanks to the airport shuttle driver who had only been on the job three days) got an inadvertent tour of downtown on my way to the hotel. As we turned one of many corners, there was Zake...and I felt like I knew the place, thanks to lurking on the midwest board for the last few months in anticipation of this trip! Will NOT be trying Zake as a result...but will be trying many of your other fine restaurants thanks to CH suggestions!