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ISO recommendations for 3 nights near W. Hollywood. . .

I am in LA for 3 nights, from Toronto, with a dear friend, staying at the Sunset Tower Hotel. We are looking for some fun/trendy restaurants not too far away. Maybe not as high-end as Craft (though based on the reviews we may have to try it-loved it in NY). Possibly something a bit less high end with fun food and great cocktails.

Forgive me if this has been covered one way or another (and I'm sure it has). I've read through the posts but am not familiar enough with LA to be sure where some restaurants are located.

I found some recommendations for:
Redwood Bar

I am sure we will end up renting a car, so I suppose we can venture away a bit!
Thanks so much for any suggestions.

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  1. Patina is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. Not only do you get to see the Disney Concert Hall, but the food is excellent (and it has the best cheese cart in town). It might be more "high-end" than what you're looking for, though. Patina is downtown, so it's nowhere near W. Hollywood.

    Providence has an affordable tasting menu, but you can also go there for its dessert tasting menu.

    If you want something from the Sunset Strip, my recommendation is Le Petit Four (sp?). I think it has the best food on the strip, although the vibe can get a bit noisey.

    You will most definitly want brunch at some point, and I can't stress The Griddle enough.

    1. West Hollywood has some of the best restaurants in the city:

      Jar, AOC, Pane e Vino, Mozza (hollywood, but still close by).

      Across from your hotel is Katana, just down the street is Koi - both fun people watching, big bar scene, very trendy.

      1. Ketchup

        8590 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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          Thank you so much. I am going to look these wonderful suggestions up and pick a few. I will prvide a full hound review when I return!

        2. There's also the bar at Chateau Marmont

          Chateau Marmont
          8221 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

          1. PROVIDENCE and PATINA are both more considerably high-end than CRAFT. i don't think of either of these restaurants as having "fun food and great cocktails." think white linen, formal service, and at the higher end of the $ spectrum. eaten at PROVIDENCE at least once a month this year; very good. have been disappointed in PATINA for over a year now. it may have improved marginally knowing the michelin reviewers were in town.

            if you can get a reser, PIZZERIA MOZZA, OSTERIA MOZZA, HUNGRY CAT (has one of the best mixologists in the city), AOC, THE LITTLE DOOR, GEISHA HOUSE, ALL' ANGELO, this will get you started.

            too bad you don't want to go to CRAFT. was there last night and it was very good.

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              If you can make it to Hungry Cat, I highly recommend it also. Absolutely among the best mixologists in the city; I need to find a way to have an IV drip of their cucumber martini attached to my arm, as well as the pimlico, the greyhound, the basil gimlet, the... (great beer selection, too)

              The Hungry Cat
              1535 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

            2. Looking For:

              1) West Hollywood (or close by).
              2) Not as high-end as Craft (I've never been, so I'm guessing by what I've read...)
              3) Fun Food.
              4) Great Cocktails.
              5) Fun/Trendy restaurant with an L.A. vibe.

              Patina - Downtown - Fails all 5.

              Providence - Hollywood/L.A. - Never been, but Fails #2.

              Koi - West Hollywood - #1, #2 = It's not cheap. #3, #4?, to many people it defines #5!

              Chaya - West Hollywood - An old favorite of mine - Good marks #1 thru #5.

              Moun of Tunis - Hollywood - Very Good #1, thru #3. #4 ?, #5 = Fun Yes, Trendy No. It's an eat with your hands Moroccan with belly dancing great for groups and not too $$$-cy.

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                You probably mean Moun of Tunis, as your link is quite broken.


                Moun Of Tunis Restaurant
                7445 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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                  Yes I did. The edit function hadn't experied, so I applied the fix.

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                  I really like moun of tunis...it's really fun and the food is good., two things that don't always happen together in this town.

                3. The Belmont! very fun, good food, good drinks, good crowd!

                  747 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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                    You LA Hounds are amazing! I definately have my research cut out for me. I'm liking the sound of the Hungry Cat and a few others sound great. I've actually been to the bar at Chateau Marmont, and may consider it just for a drink.

                    Revets2: I think you misunderstood, I do want to go to Craft. Normally, I would pass as it was not really what we were looking for, but all of the posts have been too good and make it near impossible to miss going.

                    Thanks you so much to everyone, I am so excited to try these places (how ever did we manage before Chowhound?) I will supply full reviews.

                    I am not going until mid-August, so a few places mentioned that needed reservations should not be a problem. Thanks again.

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                      reserve one month to the day for CRAFT or miss going.

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                        That would be today, as a matter of fact, so thanks for that!

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                          I'm sure you'll do your homework elsewhere but be warned. Hungry Cat is set in the courtyard of a Hollywood strip mall. Patio umbrellas aren't enough to kill the din of street traffic if you sit outside, while the interiors are minimalist and downtown loft-esque, with the unfortunate acoustics that usually go with. In spite of these negatives, the cocktails taste like they've been crafted in a sanctuary of tranquility. Basically, don't let the look of the place scare you away. Bonus if you're there on the night of the week when they're serving fish and chips--they're a revelation. We were there on a Thursday in late March '07.

                    2. re: LisaStitch

                      I second Lisa's rec for The Belmont, fits all criteria perfectly!

                    3. Well, actually the restaurant at your hotel will serve you quite well as the Tower Bar and restaurant satisfies nearly all your requirements, especially the hip and good food factor.
                      Bin 8945 on Santa Monica Blvd. at Robertson in Weho is much fun, superb drinks and a humongous wine selection, by the glass or by the bottle, and you can do a tasting menu, or order like in a tapas bar. Either way, Mike Bryant's food is fabulous.(ex-Normans on Sunset). www.bin8945.com will provide more info.