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Jul 17, 2007 01:03 PM

....ideas beyond hamburgers and hotdogs

We are heading to an NH lake house and I need simple grilling ideas beyond hamburgers, hotdogs and teryaki chicken.

Also, cold, make ahead foods, sweets, salads anything really. (stuff on skewers a plus)

I am drawing a blank and ma desperate to change up or menu on this trip.

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  1. Kabobs, shrimp, fish, steak, flank steak, chicken a la fajitas, chicken a la greek food

    Or you could jazz up your burgers any number of ways - add stuff to the meat mixture, stuff them with various things, make them out of turkey or chicken or LAMB (which is really really really delicious).

    Salads - you can pretty much make any salad ahead of time. Even coleslaw really and then toss with the dressing before serving.

    Deviled eggs.

    Just be sure to keep everything nice and cold!

    1. How about steak and ribs? I really love grilled chicken satay on skewers with peanut sauce; Grilled Scallops wrapped in Bacon. Grilled Corn. Grilled Asparagus. Grilled Portobello Burgers. Grilled Swordfish. Steak Tips. Cold salad: Orzo Salad.

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        Oh! Orzo salad is a good idea.
        Also tabouleh - couscous (or any other sort of similar grain) with a lemon vinaigrette, then add in whatever you'd like - grape tomatoes, herbs are a must, pine nuts, raisins are my standard additions.

      2. Zucchini and summer squash sliced ahead of time lengthwise, marinated in a big container of balsamic, olive oil, dab of dijon mustard, garlic (garlic powder will work), salt, pepper, little sugar. Put it on the grill and make sure to make TONS - it goes fast. We never make enough.

        1. The course I always start my Patriots tailgates with: grilled quail (I get the semi-deboned kind so they lay flat).

          Super-fast to grill, delicious, fun to experiment with in terms of marinades, glazes, and stuffings (although you certainly don't have to stuff them).

          I also like andoulle sausage as an alternative to hotdogs, and make a mean Waygu (kobe) burger. Really not as expensive as people think, as the ground Waygu is usually under 7 bucks a pound.

          Venison loin is perfect for the grill as well, as it's lean and should be cooked medium rare at most.

          Just in general, game birds and meats are usually great for grilling.

          1. Italian Sausages grilled are the best, bring along the peppers and onions and either grill them or saute them and you have a feast. I always throw in some "HOT" links too.
            I marinate some cheap steaks throw them in a ziplock and into the cooler, by the time you get to grilling they'll be ready to go. I like mesquite marinade, it gives you that outdoorsy taste.

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              Had a coleslaw salad with sunflower seeds that was quite tasty a couple of months ago - don't have the recipe unfortunately.

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                Or there are some great sausage flavors at Whole Foods - we get a variety and let our guests choose, but my personal favorites are spicy italian sausage and the lamb/mint sausage.