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Jul 17, 2007 01:01 PM

Do depression glass dinner plates work in the microwave?

Was just wondering. I have never tried them in the microwave. Thanks, Richie

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  1. I've never tried them either. But personally, I would not risk it.

    1. In theory, yes, in the sense that it's rarely or ever leaded glass; on the other hand, it's old stuff and wasn't exactly made with the intention of being used 50+ years later so is likely to be randomly fragile or subject to heat stresses, etc. I guess my answer is that if you care enough about it to ask in the first place, I'd pass, too.

      1. Not that I would consider myself an authority, but I worked in an antiques store for a dealer who specialized in depression glass. We would often have customers asking about using depression glass in the microwave or dishwasher. Neither is recommended.

        I love my depression glass and collectible pieces!!!

        1. I've been collecting depression glass for many years and would not recommend using it in the microwave. It is not heat proof or tempered in any way. You will run the risk of breakage and injury.

          Depression glass is essentially pressed bottle glass, sometimes with color sometimes not. The quality of the glass is not good, as it generally was designed as promotional give away items or inexpensive daily luncheon/dinner ware.

          If you want to use it to serve food, that's fine. Just don't nuke it.

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            Thanks, I didn't think I could but I was washing a few pieces in the sink and just wondered about it., Thanks, Richie

          2. Be careful. Some colored glass, such as cranberry, is made with gold. There are hidden heavy metals in many colored glasses which disqualify them from use in the microwave. We mostly know about leaded crystal, but that is not the only danger. While true depression glass is not made with gold or lead, you may not have an authentic piece and may just be looking at old colored glass. With no marks, it is often hard to tell. It would be muchy better to assume that it is not safe and put some cheap dishes in there that are. I'm not sure that I would risk a hot item transferred into it either. as it may crack.