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Jul 17, 2007 12:40 PM

Piave anyone?

Has anyone tried out Piave, the place on Central Avenue in Hartsdale that replaced Cafe Meze? I walked in around 2 pm today and there seemed to be no one there (I dont think they are open for lunch but someone must have been working on something in the back b/c it was open). What are the prices like? Menu? Thanks.

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  1. The dinner menu was posted a week or so ago on their website. Haven't been there yet, but am planning a trip after nyc restaurant week has come to a close.

    1. I just had dinner there last night! It was excellent!
      I was mostly very happy with the pasta dishes. My mom got the Black and White pasta with the spicy lobster tomato sauce. It was just perfect!
      And my stepbrothers papardelle with duck confit, artichoke, and mushrooms was amazing as well!
      I personally got the Halibut in tomato sauce and it was good! Very refreshing!
      Im so glad that there is another good restaurant in the area!

      The people were extremely nice also!

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        1. We ate at Piave two weeks ago and had an incredible meal. The antipasta table was fabulous. We had a soup special which was a vegetable soup that was quite tasty. I had a veal chop milanese with a salad of mozzarella and tomatoes on top which was perfectly prepared. Others had the halibut and salmon which they said was great. Everyone was very pleased with their meals. The service was very attentive as well!!! We were told the chef came from Italy(Abruzzi region). As we just returned from Italy it was a pleasure to have food prepared as if we were still there.

          We are definately going to return.

          We highly recommend this restaurant

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          1. re: Missy Barks

            Phew! Glad to hear good stuff about the place b/c I just made a res for a "group dinner" for my husband's birthday. They were very easy to work with, vs. many other restaurants who wouldn't take a "large group" res on a Sat. nite unless we ate early, late, or on a prix fixe.

          2. We ate at Piave for my husband's birthday last night. I think they have some "issues" that still need to be worked out. When I made the res some time ago, the owner was hesitant to take a res for 12 ( we ended up being only 7) b/c he said he'd be "jammed that night'. The restaurant was 1/2 empty when we arrived at for our 8pm res. For some reason, it took them 10 minutes to seat us even though they said the table was ready. Odd. We sat and chatted over the menu and then ordered after hearing the specials. To start, 4 of us had salads, 2 had carpaccio and 1 had the fresh mozzeralla. It all came out in shifts. When the waiter asked if everything was o.k, I had to remind him we were waiting for 2 apps.
            While I enjoy eating at a relaxed pace, service between apps and main course was so slow that a little before 10, I asked if the waiter could please check on our entrees. 4 of us ordered pastas, 2 of us ordered veal scaloppine w/ portobellos, one ordered the risotto of the evening. The food was good, although the veal dish had elements that were no longer hot when served- potatoes and spinach were luke warm. We did not even mention it because we knew it would take forever to get our dinners back if we sent it back. The risotto was good and the bolognese was good, too. But again, when entrees did come out, 2 people at the table were made to sit and wait as their food did not come out promptly with ours. We had to ask where the rest of the food was.
            After they cleared the entrees, it took some time for them to ask about coffee or dessert. We had the molton lava cake which was not served hot. As one friend said, "wasn;t worth the calories".
            My husband and I paid the bill, and we had to ask the waiter to please locate the wrapped leftovers that never made it back to the table.
            Overall, it wasn't an unpleasant experience and we all had a nice evening, but I wouldn't rush back anytime soon. It is a very pretty and inviting space. The outside area looked lovely, although marred for me because the smell of cigarettes from diners who had stepped out for a smoke was wafting right in. The service was friendly but not quite up to speed. I also think that for the area, it is not quite the "hip, hot vibe" that they envisioned. We felt a little odd that we were the youngest people in the place by 15-20 years. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but in retrospect, maybe we should have gone elsewhere to celebrate a 35th birthday. However, we wanted to try someplace new and different.

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            1. re: MRS

              This is a new establishment taking over the space formally occupied by Cafe Meze. Believe me when I say this does not come close to being a clone of Cafe Meze which really is too bad! Four of us dined here on a Saturday evening and it was a total disaster! Poor food, extremely poor service and rather high prices make for a bad experience. Reservation was not honored although they did offer the four of us a drink at the bar. Extremely high noise level matched by extremely S L O W
              service! We waited almost 45 minutes for our salads which were served limp, tepid,
              warm, and poorly dressed. Our entree's were just poorly thought out and were just plain BAD! Veal was tough, stringy, and of poor quality. Pasta dishes were either
              overcooked or undercooked and extremely poorly sauced. Clearly the chef needs
              to be replaced! Service was so amateurish as to leave us both shocked and amazed at such incompetence, i.e. coffee was served at begining of meal (it was meant for another table), "doggie bags" were NOT brought back to table, water glasses were not refilled, etc... Prices were extremely high given the poor quality and execution of the food. Management tries hard but is greatly handicapped by
              inept staff. All of us spoke to owner when leaving when he asked "how everything
              was?" and we told him of the problems and issues. He apologized but upon reflection all of us don't think we will go back. Really too bad.... Cafe Meze was
              one of our favorites! Go at your own risk and be warned!

              1. re: alanccrx

                Wow! In a month they still haven't gotten it together. Your experience sounds very much like ours was. That's too bad...