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Jul 17, 2007 12:34 PM

gay friend's bday

He just broke up with his boyfriend so I want something that'll take his mind off of it.
We'll be about 6 people. Any suggestions? I don't care what neighborhood. Moderate or a bit expensive works. Thanks.

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    1. Elmo on Seventh Ave. is hip, friendly, moderately-priced and full of gay people -- as well as the straight fashionable set. They have tons of seating and can easily accomodate six. The music can be, however, quite loud and the food is just average. You can take him around the corner to G Lounge afterwards to further console him.

      1. Peep, Buddakan, The Stanton Social, Blue RIbbon, Cuba

        1. Bar 89, Mercer Street, SoHo.

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          1. re: pacz

            the fun, gay guys at the office always talked about lucky chang's where the waitstaff dress in drag. not sure if it's still open. the food is really bad but it's primarily for laughs.

            if you want great food surrounded by hot gay men, go to florent at greenwich and gansevoort. food is awesome.

            i hate to recommend cafeteria b/c it's such a scene but it will definitely give you plenty to talk about and the food is good. open 24 hrs. service is non-existent.

            1. re: nativeNYer

              Funny, I was under the impression that only straight people go to Lucky Chang's.. you know, for the exotic feel, or whatever it is that drives them...

              1. re: nokitsch

                I would violently dis-recommend Lucky Cheng's. The place is used these days almost entirely for loud "bachelorette" parties. They've made quite the industry out of it. And good for them. But I wouldn't go there for any other occasion.

                1. re: foodmonk

                  I will violently second foodmonk's comment about Lucky Cheng's. I hadn't been there before and I took my friend there for her birthday. The chineese food is below sub-par, the drag show isn't a good version of a drag show, and the only people who go there are people at bachelorette parties. I am not picky and I can honestly say that I like almost every restaurant that I go to. I abhor Lucky Cheng's.

                  1. re: foodmonk

                    I went on occasion to the one in New Orleans which had a horrible contrived feel to it. It is very silly.

              2. re: pacz

                I think Bar 89 is too cold of an atmosphere and the food is more like the food in a diner. I like Mercer Kitchen, but it is darkly lit and if you're sad, you might find it depressing. My pick in Soho would be Balthazar, it's always lively.

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