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Jul 17, 2007 12:29 PM

Dinner in/around Penn Quarter

I'm looking for a restaurant for dinner next week in or reasonably near Penn Quarter. I'd prefer something inexpensive. I've been to and enjoyed Brasserie Beck, Matchbox, Jaleo and Zaytinya and was underwhelmed by IndeBlue. Any ideas on where to go in the general area for a casual dinner and drinks?


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  1. Kanlaya at 740 6th St. is tasty and the price is right. The mango salad was particularly memorable. Lately, I'm liking the small plates at Oyamel, especially the cold plates on a hot DC day...chayote salad, gazpacho, can get really crowded in there, but often you can sit and eat at the bar.

    1. Teasim or the pre-theater menu at Cafe Atlantico. Drinks at Poste in the courtyard or Zola. Will also 2nd Kanlaya.

      1. I'll second Oyamel...I'd recommend making a reservation, though--even on weekdays at the bar the place can be pretty crowded. The food at District Chophouse and Brewery is mediocre, but I really enjoy their beers.

        1. How inexpensive is inexpensive?

          For my cheap eats spot in that area I love California Tortilla. It really is the best chain in the area.

          There is also a good BBQ joint right next to Matchbox...can't remember the name but the BBQ is pretty good---the sides are even better.

          You can check out PS7's great Happy Hour deal. They have the menu on their website. Drinks are around $5 and their fun small plates are not much more! Try the tuna sliders---they are awesome.

          Also Oya is doing a $29 3-course (+ free champagne) dinner menu with some delicious options. Very chic environment and I really liked the food. Certainly fits in to a similar vibe as Zaytinya or Zola.

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            The BBQ place is call Capital Q Texas BBQ. Their brisket and sausage are both great, and Elyssa is right about the sides--all excellent.