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Jul 17, 2007 12:19 PM

Dinner in Tucson

Going to see Kathy Griffin in Tucson on Sunday night. I'm looking for some dining suggestions...

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  1. Since you're going to be at the TCC, I'd recommend these three places:

    The Grill (100 East Congress; Telephone: 520 623 7621)

    Barrio (


    Poca Cosa ( )

      1. The Cup Cafe at Hotel Congress has excellent food - and deserts - and the people watching there can't be beat.

        Barrio is also quite nice. The Grill might be too downmarket compared to the other suggestions you have received.

        1. I second the rec for Cafe Poca Cosa unfortunately they aren't open on Sunday. I haven't been to the Barrio in a while but last time I was there the food was very uneven. I think a very good place downtown is Casa Vicente. They have wonderful Spanish cuisine, including a pretty extensive tapas menu. I just checked their website and it says they are open on Sunday for special events, not really sure what that means. May want to give them a call (520) 884-5253 to see if shows at the TCC qualify as special events or that just means for parties.

          I would not reccomend The Grill but a lot people like it. It is a diner at best in my opinion, great for late night grub after being out at the bars but wouldn't really think of it for dinner.

          If you like greek food I would recommend Athens on 4th Ave. It they have really good food.

          There is an Italian restaurant on Congress that the name is alluding me right now but it is very near the Fox Theater, also pretty good.

          Hope this helps

          PS-The summer in Tucson is hard for restaurants so many of the close for a while, especially in July, so I recommend calling places before going.

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            There are actually two Italian restaurants to which bluedevil33 may be referring. Both are located on Congress between Stone and Church, just west of the Fox Theatre. They are about two blocks from the TCC.

            One is Enoteca aka Italian Kitchen. The food is OK. Pizza is best, and it does serve wine and beer. I'd avoid fancy, expensive dishes, as I don't think they are great and, for what is really not fine dining, the dishes can get pricey.

            Caffe Milano serves better food. I've only eaten lunch there, but the panini are terrific. I have every confidence in the food at dinner, as the owner--Carlo--is a sincere man who wants you to enjoy his food. Beer and wine are also served here. Just make sure the place is open, as it is primarily a lunch place and it is summer. That advice probably goes for Enoteca, also.

          2. See my post below re: Enoteca and Caffe Milano. I thought your concert was Saturday, not Sunday. I'd double check on any choice you make downtown, as Sunday in the summer, downtown, will be slow.